National Poetry Month: April 30

Hi friends!

It’s the last day of National Poetry Month: BOO! So, today I have selected Mark Doty’s “A Green Crab’s Shell.” I had the great fortune of hearing Mark read this epic poem more than once; most recently at Omega Institute in their lake theater. Unforgettable!

Robert Vaughan reads Mark Doty’s “A Green Crab’s Shell” – YouTube

Some days are busier than others. Yesterday was one of those days. I had an interview with Stephanie Lecci that aired on WUWM’s “Lake Effect,” Milwaukee’s (NPR) program:

Lake Effect: Vaughn Finds Drama In the Moments In Between

On their website, they wrote some great background about Microtones, my new chapbook, and other various writing influences. I hope you enjoy the interview, and here is where Microtones lives if you are interested:

The Lost Bookshelf Homepage

Then, last night, we hosted our first Middle Coast Poets reading at the venerable RiverWest Public House. I want to thank my generous and talented co-host, Paul Scot August and the amazing poets who read: Nikki Wallschlaeger, Matt Specht, Sharon Foley, Dawn Tefft, Paul Scot August, Ed Makowski, Andrea Potos, and David Tomaloff. And what a great audience we had! Makes me super excited for our next reading in July!

We were all asked to bring one of our favorite poems by another poet. And so, here is a photo of me reading “Poem,” by James Tate:

Photo: Robert fights the power!


National Poetry Month; April 20

Microtones, is “Legacy,” which is not biographical in any direct sense, but its theme is family. You can read it here: The Lost Bookshelf Homepage The poet I share today is Sharon Olds. She’s a veteran poet, stunning at the self-reveal, and focus on personal relationships, family matters. Her poem “I Go Back to May 1937” is a heart-wrenching visit back to her parent’s roots: Robert Vaughan reads “I Go Back to May 1937” from Sharon Olds – YouTube How did your parents meet? How did you meet your partner/spouse/lover? Can you experience or see it from the other person’s point-of-view?]]>

National Poetry Month: April 18

Robert Vaughan reads “Mama’s Girl” by Jeanann Verlee – YouTube Her entire book, Racing Hummingbirds, is a must have: On my buddy Len Kuntz’s blog, People You Know By Heart, you can read two more examples of her poems, on his April 15th entry: People You Know By Heart Have you ever been abused? Known someone close to you who has? Kept secrets for a period of time that you later shared or still keep?]]>

National Poetry Month: April 17

String-of-10 Second Place Winner – Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles Often I write about the world in which we live; impressions of the natural occurrences like changes in light, or falling leaves. I look to make abstract associations, and I noticed this tendency as I read through the brilliant collection Debacle, Debacle by Matt Hart. His work, like mine, is undefinable: poetry? fiction? genre defying? internal? external? abstract? And yet, his skill at conveying, even piercing emotions, and dazzling word combinations is unfathomable. So, today I read “Fang Face” from Matt Hart: Robert Vaughan reads “Fang Face” by Matt Hart – YouTube Debacle, Debacle is available at h_ngm_n Books: H_NGM_N: an online journal & small press What do you notice in nature that surprises you? How are you deadly? Do you hate conclusions of stories?]]>

National Poetry Month: April 16

(1) Middle Coast Poets – A National Poetry Month Reading And if you are not a Facebook member, then the reading is on Monday, April 29th, from 7-9 p.m. Some poets who’ve confirmed are Paul Scot August, David Tomaloff, Andrea Potos, Ed Makowski, Dawn Tefft, Matt Specht,  Brittany Cavallaro and me. More might be added. The venue is Riverwest Public House, 815 Locust Street, and this event sure looks like it will be a blast! We hope to see you there. Events, planning, spontaneity. Today I read about all these things and more. “Shore Leave” is a poem I first heard Mark Doty read at the Omega Institute, when I took a five day workshop in 2011 with Mark, Marie Howe, Patricia Smith, and Billy Collins (can you say heaven? Yes… and there were over 90 other registered poets who all thought so as well!). Mark drew a hush over the room when we read “Shore Leave,” drawing us in with his quick intro of a personal relationship with this masterful poet, Lynda Hull. Barely in print at the time of her unfortunate early death, Mark helped to champion her Collected Poems as the series editor at Graywolf Press, which I bought from the Ram Dass library on the Omega Institute campus that very day. Today I read “Shore Leave,” by Lynda Hull. Thanks Mark, for this, and for so much more: Robert Vaughan reads “Shore Leave” by Lynda Hull – YouTube Do you recall a time in which you took a trip with one parent or the other, alone, just you and him or her? What are your memories? Did anything unusual happen?]]>