Hump Day Hangovers 2) Peruse the latest goods from Connotation Press; Ken does us all proud: – .TztxLCzsgw4.facebook 3) Dan Albergotti’s poem, “Apology in Advance” wins ‘Best of the Net’ by Sundress Publications and will be included with 17 other poems in their 2011 Best of the Net Anthology print and online It appeared first at Connotation- Press An Online-Artifact: 4) Also, Dorianne Laux has same great distinction with her poem, “Second Hand Coat,” appearing first at BLIP Magazine: 5) PANK and other great zines listed on the NYT magazine blog: 6) Janey Smith makes me giddy with her review of Heavy Feather Review, up at HTMLGiant! See, Facebook does mean something to, um, someone! 7) Jennifer does Whitney proud at Huffington Post. 8) Fictionaut Front Page for February, thanks to Marcelle Heath: – comment-10420 9) Lydia Millet is interviewed at The Lit Pub: 10) Roxane Gay gives us a dose of Valentine love like no other writer can at The Rumpus. What black eye?: So, another Valentine’s Day comes and goes. If nothing else, it’s one more day to love you more. Thanks for reading.]]>

Hump Day Haunts 2) I have every book this Sherl dude has published, and just about everything this (MLP) press has published, too: 3) Another dandy from BOMB magazine contributor, Jesse Ball: 4) Who doesn’t love a badass? Especially if she’s an icon. 5) Lisp Service, the blog of a favorite indie author, Evelyn Hampton: 6) Anybody remember doing it old school? Check it out! Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock – YouTube 7) Get some Tomaloff Squared into your life, all this talent in one lil’ family: & 8) This is so damngood it makes me sick in a really great way: 9) Another one I wish I’d written up at Camroc Press Review!!!: Camroc Press Review: Michael Seidel 10) Hey, who is that guy in Boswell Books? Somebody wake me up: Thanks Stacie, Daniel and all of those Boswell folks. And here’s to the other Milwaukee bookstore carrying FFF, so grateful: Thanks Anne, Karl, Chuck and everyone at Woodland Patterns. See you on the cyber highway!]]>

Humpty Dumpty 2) Can you believe the talent all in one place? Shut the front door! GET THIS NOW!!! 3) This song just gets me moving to the grooving. In fact, the entire album moves me! 4) Up for a stunning poem? “Denying the Bird Within” by Amy King at Housefire Publishing. 5) Who doesn’t want a little Sugar at The Rumpus: The Dudes In The Woods Debacle 6) A great resource for writers, editors and readers: 7) Roxane Gay (who just joined The Rumpus, hell yeah!!!) at HTMLGIANT… 8) A new chapbook from Meg Tuite…. Disparate Pathos  from Monkey Puzzle Press!!! 9) Tara Laskowski, editor of Smokelong Q at FRiGG: 10) Christopher Allen blogs a transcendent review for Metazen about Susan Tepper’s From the Umberplatzen!!! By all means, take a leap! But… Try not to rely on all the King’s horses and all the King’s men today!!! I have a little somethin’ somethin’ up at elimae‘s February issue! Thanks, Brandon and Cooper! P.S. I had already blogged this morning before I’d gotten this news, for you dear Carol: 3 tribute poems by Robert Vaughan | Mad Hatters’ Review Blog Also, my sweet boss, and friend, jen michalski at her blog! Thanks, Jen!!!]]>

Hump Day Hangouts

10 Hump Day Hangouts: 1. Flash Fiction Chronicles editor Michelle Reale interviews me for “The Slant”: 2. Poet Cyrus Cassells chats about life, creativity and his forthcoming collection: 3. Anna March gets down every Wednesday at The Rumpus with her Aural Fixations: Aural Fixations, The Rumpus Mixtape #9: Chilly Scenes Of Winter – The 4. My first review from Omega poet/writer Michael Gillian Maxwell’s Your Own Backyard – Writing-Visual Art-Social Commentary Also, here is the direct link to order Flash Fiction Fridays… 5. Susan Tepper’s Monday chat at Fictionaut with J. Mykell Collinz: 6. Jon Gingerich, editor of O’Dwyer’s Magazine in New York, explains the SOPA debate: 7. Amazing poet and friend, Bill Yarrow has a new book out! Get it now! Support your indie presses! http :// bill-yarrow-283/ 8. Two magazines that are current MUST READS!!! You simply have to! Fwriction Review Year One Anthology: And, Heavy Feather Review’s first issue: 9.  Flavorwire Lists Top 10 Online Lit Mags: 1)   Moon Milk Review 2)   BLIP 3)   PANK 4)   Kill Author 5)   Bartelby Snopes 6)   McSweeny’s 7)   The Exquisite Corpse 8)   decomP 9)   Twelve Stories 10) Still hungry? Try these websites too… Shortlist Press Failbetter Annalemma Opium Magazine The Collagist Triple Canopy 10.   Top Five Story Hits from 2011 at In Between Altered States, edited by Aleathia Drehmer: Shocked to see TWO of mine on the list! Thanks, Aleathia! 1. Underfoot-Sherri Collins 2. Say Yes- Robert Vaughan ***** 3. Leyla’s Dream- Defne Cizakca 4. Blue Sky Ahead- Robert Vaughan ***** 5. Congratualtions You Won- Jay Coral Thanks for all of you who shared your first impressions of the Flash Fiction Fridays book. It means the world to me. I’ll end with this photo: The three anthologies in which my work is included: (From left to right) Flash Fiction Fridays, edited by me: Stripped, An Anonymous Anthology, edited by Nicole Monaghan, and Exquisite Quartet 2011, edited by Meg Tuite.

So grateful to every writer, editor, reader and journal or magazine that has considered or published my work. Oh, what a year 2012 will be!!!