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Rough Music by Deborah Digges, a poet we discussed on Tuesday morning at Esalen. I can still hear Dorianne Laux’s mesmerizing reading of Deborah’s poem, “Broom,” which opens this astounding collection. And the haunting story of the poet’s life, and tragic death. And so, at the top spot in this week’s HUMP day posts, comes from a fellow poet and workshop participant, Jeanie, who sent me the link to another great article about Deborah Digges. Enjoy! HUMP DAY reflect Written about one of the poets, Digges, whose poem “Broom,” we studied at Esalen last week (thanks for the link, Jeanie!): Sara Lippmann’s “TK” is up at Wigleaf: Alex Dimitrov, NYC poet and host of Wilde’s Queer Poetry Series, has “American Nothing” at The Baffler: At Ampersand Review, Timothy Gager’s “What the Boy Prays For”: At Fictionaut, Michelle Elvy with “The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts”: New work by Tantra Bensko and Matthew Dexter up at Counterexample Poetics, with artwork by Erie Chang: Up at Poem-A-Day from Academy of American Poets, Jennifer Militello with her “Conspiracy to Commit Larceny: A Recipe”:–Conspiracy-to-Commit-Larceny–A-Recipe-by-Jennifer-Militello.html?soid=1110705357409&aid=rVclQaXo9XI Stephen Dunn’s poetry at Connotation Press: In this issue of Sunday Salon, take in some great work from master writers: At Gawker, a Man with OCD Blows Internet Away with this spoken word poem: When you think you have all the answers, ask more questions. They all begin with self-inquiry. Talk a walk in nature. Listen to the breeze. Or the bees. Or just be.  ]]>

HUMP Day Esalen Brilliant article On Making the Poetry Manuscript by Jeffrey Levine: At Her Kind, writer Melissa Buckheit’s “To the Water: Speaking of the Interior (self): Nate Tower gets gritty at New Graffiti, Timothy Gager’s fun blog: Nigel Beale of Literary Tourist interviews Stephen Motika of Poet’s House in NYC: (I have a little confession here- I was so jazzed to see Microtones, my poetry chapbook from Cervena Barva Press, listed in the Poet’s House library on their website. I’m official!) Matheiu Cailler’s story “Over The Bridge” won the 2012 Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction: – features/ At Poem-A-Day, Meghan O’Rourke’s “Demeter in Paris” is stellar:–Demeter-in-Paris-by-Meghan-O-Rourke.html?soid=1110705357409&aid=Pyv3U_fWKz0 This week on A Cups, Ann and Angela interview Gabby Bess (Gabby Gabby) about her recently published Alone With Other People (Civil Coping Mechnisms) and so much more: Always thrilled for a new Len Kuntz story, “Devil’s Elbow” up at Orion headless: NPR’s Krista Tippet and poet extra-ordinaire Marie Howe get down on In The Room: – at=1945 Last summer, I had the great fortune of spending the week with Marie Howe, Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux at Carter Hall in Virginia for the Truth and Beauty Workshop. A week in bliss, with three incredible masters and teachers of poetry. Aaahhh. This Friday I embark on my 2013 journey to San Francisco and points south, to study for another week, in paradise. My teachers this year are Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux, and Joe Millar. I am nervous, but more excited than anything else. I will see some dear friends, and spend time in a city I revere, and with a little grace, and help from friends, and the bowl of nirvana enveloping us, some writing will emerge. Happy week to you all, and HUMP it up!  ]]>

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For Selected Works of Kurt Brown along with your donation): At Write it Sideways, Christi Craig has a fantastic take on “Telling the Truth in Memoir: More than Just Facts”: Also, on another amazing blog, this time about writing contests at Write, Juggle, Run by Nate Tower: (And this article is also mentioned at another great blog I follow, The Review Review: The 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review is out, with stunning talent once again, edited by Meg Tuite and including work by Michael Gillan Maxwell, Agnes Marton, Alex Pruteanu, Joani Reese, Mathieu Callier, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Timothy Gager and so many more. My short fiction “She Wears Me Like A Coat” is included. And here is the link for those of you who might want to read the pdf version (online): The Santa Fe Literary Review Santa Fe Literary Review A new anthology from Redbridge Press called Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream, includes writers xTx, Libby Hart, Steve Castro, Erin Fitzgerald and many more: Peril Magazine has a new poem by Ivy Alvarez, “What Olivia de Havilland Wished For,” included in her Hollywood Starlet Series. Also a great interview included: Amber Sparks is the featured writer this month at Atticus Review: John Mortara’s video interview is up at Cutty Spot, thanks Matty Sherling: Meg Wolitzer did an interview in April 2013, with musical references for her latest book, The Interestings at Largehearted Boy: What’s in a cover? New York Times’ article with Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012: Summer is a great time to catch up with friends. One of the topics that often emerges amongst writers is submissions. Are you submitting? If so, where? How? I tend to use Duotrope and subscribe to their weekly e-mail newsletter: Another great source my friend Carol Wobig recommends is And the Review Review, which I posted earlier: What are your other favorites?      ]]>

HUMP day Bastille and Tour de France Shane Jones at VICE: Nate Tower gives terrific and sound advice about submitting writing to literary magazines on his blog Write, Juggle, Run: JMWW is having a poetry chapbook contest, guest judged by Oliver de la Paz. Details in the JMWW summer issue: Connotation Press is up with their Mid-July issue, with a note from Fiction Editor Meg Tuite: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review’s staff spotlight is Rae Bryant, Editor-In-Chief: A gorgeous poem, “Goodnight Moon” by James Arthur at If you haven’t read the book that inspired this poem (same name) I highly recommend it: Heather Fowler and Rusty Barnes get down at Fictionaut. Great to hear Night Train is back on track: Bud Smith hosts Frank Reardon on the Unknown Show. You gotta check it out: Interview with brilliant Dennis Cooper at the Esoterrorist where he chats about alt lit and current state of publishing: Have a great HUMP day, my Bactrian and Dromedary friends! Oh, and for those of you who don’t consider yourselves camels, or French, well, then, you too! Please remember to check the Events page on my blog: I’ve two readings forthcoming- this Saturday, July 20 at Riverwest Public House; and Middle Coast Poets Reading on July 29 at Burnhearts in Bay View. Come out and play! Support your local poets and writers!]]>

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Robert Vaughn – IMDb). We have no affiliation, other than his residence in Connecticut where my sister has also lived most of her adult life.  But there is yet another Robert Vaughan, and this time, one whose last name is spelled like mine. And he happens to also be a writer. And he has written over 200 books. Impressive? You bet! So, when he googled his own name recently, he was surprised to find little ‘ol me! Sort of like, what are YOU doing here? (I already knew about him, I mean, how could I not? He’s this Robert Vaughan: Robert Vaughan: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle). So now, if that isn’t already strange enough, we’re Facebook friends! I hope that someday our paths cross in person. He seems an awfully nice guy. Here are the HUMP Day posts, sites to check out in cyber-land:  The Believer and Gigantic Books chit-chat: All new Zygote in my Coffee. Check out the goods: Writers on Craft: Heather Fowler and Amy King get on down at Fictionaut: A List of Call for Submissions at The Artificial Selection Project: Get your xTx dosage at The Sunday Rumpus (and happy birthday, Extie!): Ten Guerilla Poetry Projects at Flavorwire: Michael Gillan Maxwell’s award winning story at Metazen: Deborah Henry at Kirkus Review. (I knew her when): Meg Tuite with her stellar poem, “Mosaic,” at Thunderclap: And that, my friends, is enough for now. Remember to hydrate. Stay cool. If you are able, please join me and other readers tomorrow night, July 11th, at People’s Books in Milwaukee. Midwestern Gothic is hosting, and it’s from 6-8 p.m. What’s one thing you might do this summer that you haven’t done in years, or perhaps never done? Maybe it’s attending a poetry reading? An outdoor jazz event? A spiritual retreat?      ]]>

HUMP Day returns: Welcome back to the HUMP!

This is Not a Situation in Which You Should Remain Calm from Cervena Barva Press, the same press which published Microtones! Welcome to the CBP family, Michelle. Heart-felt congratulations: The Lost Bookshelf-Červená Barva Press books JMWW has released our summer issue 2013 with incredible interviews, poetry, prose, and a new column called Exquisite Duet, edited by Meg Tuite. Check it all out here: jmww.summer.2013 Lost in Thought magazine is getting closer to releasing our 5th issue. Work forthcoming from all sorts of incredible poets and writers including Aaron Teel, Amanda Deo, Matt Hart, Corey Zeller, Sara Lippmann, David Tomaloff and many more. I will provide the link as soon as it is available, and for now, please join our Facebook page for updates: Lost In Thought Dennis Cooper at his blog DC’s has his Mine for Yours, mid-2013 faves list: DC’s: Mine for yours: My mid-2013 favorites of the year lists-in-progress re: books, music, film, art. So happy to see so many great books included. Mike Joyce of Literary Orphans is one of the most innovative editors and writers out there. And an incredibly supportive guy, too. Here is his stunning video for the Wordsworth issue, #7, in which my poem “Aretha” appeared: Literary Orphans: ISSUE 07 – YouTube Another great editor and writer, Jamez Chang, is new at Counterexample Poetics and he has just launched their new flash fiction edition: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. What a great line-up! If you have not read Gears by Alex Pruteanu, then there is an excellent review by Christopher Allen at Fictionaut. Check it out: The Fictionaut Blog Another great writer, Marcus Speh, is now available on video at Michael Dickes’s Awkward Paper Cut and please check out Marcus’s new book, Thank You For Your SpermMarcus Speh – Flash Fiction Video | Awkword Paper Cut Alissa Nutting is a writer to watch and read! I loved her Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls. And now this: Why stories of female sexual predators shock us – New Blue Fifth Review with a poet spotlight on Bill Yarrow: Poet Special: Works by Bill Yarrow (June 2013 / 13.12) | Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series. Congratulations Bill, and editors Sam Rasnake and Michelle Elvy. READINGS: Check out the Midwestern Gothic Summer Reading Series, events planned all over the Midwest: Midwestern Gothic – A Literary Journal » Blog Archive » Upcoming Events: MG Summer Reading Series I’ll be reading in two upcoming MG events: July 11th at People’s Books in Milwaukee, and July 20th at Riverwest Public House in Milwaukee. Mark your calendars! Also, our next outing of the Middle Coast Poets is July 29th at Burnsider’s Bar in Bayview. More information forthcoming! That’s it for the new HUMP! I hope you remember to drink plenty of water today!          ]]>

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An hour later, upon returning to our rental car, we immediately sensed something was wrong: a window had been punched in, and all of my CD’s (in ten or twenty-pack carrying cases) were stolen, as well as some other personal items. Seemed a huge violation then: but became an incident that I’d forgotten over the years since; until yesterday. My e-mail was hacked, as many of you know. It’s my own fault- I fell for one of those Yahoo reminders that even they tell you NOT TO DO…”we need your password to verify your yahoo account…” Yeah. Dumb. The sad part is we live in a day and age where people are desperate. When hackers are commonplace. I can’t tell you how many friends responded (thanks!) with concern, then to tell me: ‘We knew it wasn’t you, the writing of that letter was so bad!’ That made me feel slightly better. But still, for the friends and family who were unsure, I am deeply sorry. I’ve looked into gmail, and might leave yahoo after a decade with the same e-mail address. It feels scary, and yet change is good, right? Yes, change is good. And so, while I make these decisions, here are some worthy threads for your perusal: Deep gratitude to Patrick Simonelli who has included my two poems in the February Red Fez issue: In the February Cervena Barva Newsletter, there is a thoughtful review of Flash Fiction Fridays by writer Ralph Pennell: Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. You can also read more reviews of the book at Amazon: Flash Fiction Fridays: Robert Vaughan: 9781105460937: Books At AWP 2013 in Boston this March, one of the events I’ve been asked to read for is HEAT on Friday, March 8 at Dillon’s. A new Heat Flash Contest has been announced, judges are Bonnie Zobell, Cliff Garstang and Shaindell Beers. Winners to receive prizes, and be published in JMWW, Prime Number and Corium magazines: And speaking of AWP have you ordered your Meg Tuite Magnanimous Portrait original t-shirt yet? I know I have. How about your Whitman meet my Burroughs: “Cold Reads” is a Weekly podcast by Nathanial Tower. This week he reads “Medicine and Meat” by Len Kuntz: He has a new microphone: doesn’t Nate sound incredible! Flavorwire has “15 Essays by Female Writers Everyone Should Read.” Will you? Poet Cyrus Cassells latest epic book, The Crosssed-Out Swastika is featured at Writing The Holocaust by John Guzlowski. Four poems, link to reviews and a Rothko Chapel reading are all included: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review has a new format in which they will publish poems and fiction regularly. Here is a short fiction, “Easter,” by Abe Gaustad: The latest issue of Literary Orphans is published, congrats editor Mike Joyce: At A-Minor, Judith Skillman has three poems: Tim Suermondt has a poem in the new Meadowland Review, “The Day I Decided to Leave the World”: “Face Full of Asphalt” by Mathew Allan Garcia is up at Shotgun Honey: A great exchange with Nate Tower and Los Angeles based writer Joseph Grant: Michele Mcdannold has a new Citizens for Decent Literature, issue #5 out, with writers like Bud Smith, Michael Grover and Amy Sasser: Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Birthday dear sister, Cheryl! Also, do at least one kind, loving thing for someone today. Be daring! Unusual. What the world needs now, is love, sweet love! Thanks, Dionne, for that lovely reminder.]]>

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The Unknown Show, and this week he interviewed me and I got to read “The Lost and Erasable Parts of Us” (published here: Also I read my poem, “Adversity” which was published in the Red Fez Sandy Hook Memorial Tribute: Another writer interviewed was Matthew Guerruckey, editor of Drunk Moneys  ( Bud also plugged Aaron Dietz’s Superhero Anthology and read one of his magnificent poems which Aaron read in the recent Uno Kudo Los Angeles event. Here is Bud Smith’s UNKNOWN show: Over a year ago, I had a piece taken for Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash edited by Nicole Monaghan. The concept, and the reveal of author’s paired with their pieces, one year later, is here: Jodi Paloni is up at Monkeybicycle with her flash piece, “Alchemy”: Marcus Speh at A-Minor with “One Week on the Happy Isles”: Teisha Dawn Twomey is up at New Graffiti, with “How do you like your grits cooked?”: Ben Tanzer is at The Weeklings with Bed Sex: “As Outside the Clouds Made Fists” is a micro-flash by Kathy Fish at Metazen: Also, if you want more of Kathy, which we all do, then read Christopher Allen’s fantastic review of her insatiable book, Together We Can Bury it, at Fictionaut: Chris Dankland brings it with “Infestation” at Everyday Genius: Alex Pruteanu has an interview at Fictionaut in the F5 series: If you have not yet ordered Alex’s new book, Gears, then what are you waiting for?: Are you planning to attend the upcoming AWP Conference in Boston this March? If so, I hope to see you there! In the next few weeks, I will post information about Off-site readings I have been asked to participate in.]]>

Hump Two Days Late! Gesture #4 is out with tons of great alt lit fire in it, including my two abstract ditties: “On Their Way Back,” and “Complacency”! Thanks editor Matthew Sherling: Nicolette Wong has four poems in Otolith: Andrew Roe’s How to Talk to Children About Death at Fwriction Review: When She Realizes She’s Immortal, She Thinks She’ll Write a Poem by Sarah Carson is up at Wigleaf: Read ALL the contents of the latest issue of Pithead Chapel, with the likes of James Claffey, Meg Tuite, Joe Kapitan, Matthew Dexter, Susan Lilley and more: JP Reese has “Pink Quartet” up at Orion headless: “Space and Time” from Len Kuntz is at River Babble: Lots of fantastic writing about women, by (mostly) women. Check these essays out, including work by Roxane Gay, Joan Didion, Amy Wallace, and more: There was a “dip” in the temperature from 70+ degrees to single digits in Wisconsin this afternoon. Needless to say, that’s quite a shocker! When was the last time you were shocked by something? Was it self-induced, or a surprise that occurred naturally?        ]]>

HUMP Chill Author Jody Paloni is doing this great project called 365 Short Stories in 2013, and I was so thrilled to find I’d made her list. She blogs about her week here: I didn’t grow up like this, but Richard Blanco is so eloquent in Making a Man Out of Me at the Huffington Post: Superstar: An excerpt from Susan Steinberg’s amazing story collection, Spectacle is up at Nervous Breakdown: Meg Tuite’s got a killer poem at Clutching at Straws, “Not Always a Happy Place”: And you can also read Meg’s story at the January Bartleby Snopes, and please vote for it: This could make you bawl…Matthew Salesses at The Good Man Project: A poem, I Go To The Mall For A Knife by Dorianne Laux, stayed with me for days, at Cortland Review: – 1 I’m not sure where I got turned on to Madison poet Adam Fell, but here are two of his stunning poems in Diagram: Get ready for author Alex Pruteanu, he’s gearing up for the release of Gears: A Collection: Bonnie Zobell’s new book, The Whack-Job Girls is out and ready for purchase (plus, watch that incredible video!): So, in a week of Presidential Inaugurations and Martin Luther King Day, the 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade and Serena Williams passing the potential torch to fellow teenage American Sloane Stephens in the 2013 Australian Open…what are you paying attention to? What inspires you? Motivates you? How are you going to impact changes in your life in 2013?        ]]>