Writers Round-Up: How to Organize a Fiction Collection

Writers Round-Up: How to Organize a Fiction Collection, Part 1 « Flash Fiction Chronicles Also, I’m teaching a workshop for Red Oak Writing on April 26th, (9:30- 12 noon) called Publishing Your First (or Next) Collection. Here is the course description: Publishing Your First (or Next) Collection « Red Oak Writing.    ]]>

"The Bagpipe Refrain" to be included in Literary Orphans Anthology

Literary Orphans Anthology. This must have been a very onerous and difficult process to select exactly what might be included: Best of Literary Orphans, Year One Anthology [SELECTIONS] “The Bagpipe Refrain” originally appeared in the Marilyn issue: The Bagpipe Refrain by Robert Vaughan. I also had a poem, “Aretha,” in the Wordsworth issue: Aretha by Robert Vaughan. And in the same issue, John Riley reviewed Microtones, my first chapbook: A Review of Robert Vaughan’s Microtones by John Riley. Editor-in-chief of Literary Orphans, Mike Joyce, has been a friend and a writer with whom I have exchanged many great writerly ideas over the past year (or two) since Literary Orphans took shape and blossomed into the distinctive literary magazine of such high quality it currently is. I look forward to this first anthology and to many more of our wonderful, friendly exchanges. Congratulations, Mike, Scott Waldyn, Doriana Lareau and all of the other staff! So thrilled, and proud of you all. Both of these pieces, “The Bagpipe Refrain” and “Aretha” are included in my upcoming book, Addicts & Basements from Civil Coping Mechanisms, coming February 1, 2014: Addicts & Basements by Robert Vaughan | Civil Coping Mechanisms.]]>

"Reckless/ Abandon" at Fictionaut & The Unknown Radio Show

On of my pieces in the new chapbook, Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits, is now available to preview at Fictionaut: “Reckless/ Abandon” by Robert Vaughan — Fictionaut This piece was originally published at Heavy Feather Review, in 2011, in quite a different form. Also, my pal and talented writer, Bud Smith hosted me on his innovative Unknown Show, a radio program in which he talks with writers, editors, and publishers: The Unknown Show w/ Bud Smith 12/17 by theliteraryunderground In this program, Bud chats with Chuck Howe, Mik Everitt, me and Sam Snoek- Brown. If you are in a time crunch, my portion begins around 48:00 minutes into Bud’s show. Spoiler alert: we drop the F- bomb quite a bit! So, enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone! Any special plans for this season?]]>

Paddle/ Peddle/ Piddle at Luciferous

l u c i f e r o u s: PADDLE/ PEDDLE/ PIDDLE by Robert Vaughan. Craig says this about naming his new magazine: Luciferous – adjective 1. Literally illuminating; providing light. 2. Figuratively illuminating; providing insight.

And I am grateful for his support, especially because he seems to enjoy my more abstract pieces, as is the case here. I’m just back from an overnight to Chicago, where I was able to read in The Waiting 4 the Bus, hosted by David Buddha Hargarten, and Bill Yarrow, and highlighted by Meg Tuite and David Tomaloff are Waiting 4 the Bus + open mic. You can get more information about Meg here: Meg Tuite | The author site of Meg Tuite And also about David here: ; it’s_nervous_out_here” » [d]avid : [t]omaloff And deep gratitude to Bill Yarrow for providing warmth and generous space, and his poetic wisdom: Amazon.com: Bill Yarrow: Books, Biography, Blog. Bill’s new chapbook, which is great, is here: The Lost Bookshelf]]>

The Second

Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits! It is published by Deadly Chaps Press, and Joseph Quintela designed the book, and also its stellar covers: Cover of Diptychs + Triptychs There are 30 stories total; some more like poems, and some more like prose. Three of the pieces won awards, and many of them are previously published online, like Hexagon of Life | Metazen, nominated for a Micro Fiction award by Metazen (thanks Frank, Chris, Len and the great editors at Metazen) last year. Here is what has been said about Diptychs so far: “Vaughan compresses human love and behavior with great precision, evoking people and places with language and images full of wonderment and heartbreak. This book is a marvel, with lines so sharp you will find yourself wanting to return to them often.” -Brandon Hobson, author of DEEP ELLUM (Calamari, 2014) “With singular vision and the perfect, skewed geometry of his prose, Robert Vaughan gifts his readers with fiction that reads like the best possible mash-up of David Lynch and Wes Anderson. A smart, profound, risk-taker of a collection not to be missed.” -Kathy Fish, author of WILD LIFE (Matter Press, 2011) and TOGETHER WE CAN BURY IT (Lit Pub Books) You can order your copy here: Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits Also it will be available at Amazon soon! Thanks Joseph (you wizard of creativity!) and everyone, and happy holidays!!!  ]]>

Four Myths at In Between Altered States; Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough at Awkword Paper Cuts

In Between Altered States | Flash Fiction that crosses dimensions Thanks, Aleathia, for publishing some of my most consistently stranger fiction! I truly appreciate the chance to stretch my own boundaries, and experiment fully. Also, at Awkword Paper Cuts, my non-fiction piece, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is included in Michelle Elvy’s Writers On Writing column. I was so happy when Michelle asked me to contribute a piece for the theme: ‘Rhythm, Breath, Dance.’ The multitude of different ways a topic like rhythm might be explored is staggering. I’m also honored to have my work appear with Nuala Ni Chonchuir from Ireland, and Tim Heath from New Zealand: December 2013 – Rhythm, Breath, Dance – by Michelle Elvy – Awkword Paper Cut Thanks Michelle, for your tremendous support, and all the instrumental editing suggestions, and also to Michael Dickes, editor at large of Awkword Paper Cuts for making this happen.]]>

Flash Fiction Funny

Flash Fiction Funny   Here is what Robert Shopard, co-editor of Flash Fiction Forward had to say about it: ‘Tom Hazuka’s Flash Fiction Funny is a delight. Comical, silly, absurd, slapstick, quirky and always fun, it tickles.’ (and plenty more at the Amazon site!) And here is the Amazon link for the laughs: Flash Fiction Funny: Tom Hazuka: 9781595408822: Amazon.com: Books Thanks Tom, for thinking of me!  ]]>

The Illusion of Continuity is up at Counterexample Poetics

Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. This is in combination with Meg Tuite’s “Full Circle”: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry And then we also collaborated on “Steeped in Fog”: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. And to top it all off, Meg interviews me about Microtones: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. Words do not express the gratitude I feel for Jamez Chang in his new role as the Fiction Editor at Counterexample Poetics! He is already rocking this concept, and his stamp was stellar for Meg and me, especially his ideas with our collaborative piece, Steeped in Fog. Thanks, Jamez! All the best to you. Talent obviously runs in the family, with his wife’s gorgeous art:  ]]>

Full of Crow Summer issue 2013: Fiction

The Hazards of Moving in with a Couple » Fiction This piece is one from my forthcoming full collection, Addicts and Basements, from the great folks at Civil Coping Mechanisms! And while you’re here at Full of Crow, lying back in your hammock sipping margaritas, check out the other great fiction, and poetry, too. It’s an amazing issue, every single time. Thanks editor, Paul Corman-Roberts for the support!]]>