RIFT gets Press!

I’ve been remiss in adding all of the fantastic news about RIFT, my collaboration with the talented Kathy Fish! I want to thank every single person who has read RIFT, who has referred another friend or family member to read it. We had so much fun writing the entire book in 2015, and again, without Bud Smith at Unknown Press, it might be sitting in someone’s drawer still. Here are the places you can read more about RIFT:

  1. A.E. Weisberger’s review at Change Seven: http://changesevenmag.com/2016/01/26/rift-stories-by-kathy-fish-and-robert-vaughan/
2. Leonora Desar’s Q & A with Kathy Fish and me at Bartleby Snopes:       http://blog.bartlebysnopes.com 3. Rachel Hurwitz’s Q & A with Kathy Fish and me at Midwestern Gothic: http://midwestgothic.com/2016/02/interview-kathy-fish-robert-vaughan/ 4. Necessary Fiction let us publish our RIFT Research Notes: http://necessaryfiction.com/blog/ResearchNotesRift 5. Ray Nessly reviews RIFT at Literary Orphans’ The Tavern Lantern: http://literaryorphans.org/ttl/ray-nessly-reviews-rift-stories-by-kathy-fish-robert-vaughan/ 6. Gabino Iglesias reviews RIFT at Dead End Follies: http://www.deadendfollies.com/2016/02/book-review-kathy-fish-robert-vaughan.html Also, please check out some other great write-ups at Goodreads, like this one: https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/9908220-rift-by-robert-vaughan-and-kathy-fish Mainly, thanks again to every reviewer, and every single reader. It means so much to both Kathy and me! Please do consider joining us for the Fiction Course at the venerable Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico, August 20-26, 2016. Spots are gradually filling up! You can look at the accommodations at www.mabeldodgeluhan.com. More information and registration information at www.kathy-fish.com. She’s fun to follow, too! I’ll also be teaching the Mixed Genre course at The Clearing in September 11-18. More on that in another post. Stay tuned for more RIFT news coming your way! Thanks.  ]]>

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