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Cover with blurbs And then these lovely first mentions, news and reviews about RIFT, and made Kathy Fish smile. And me giggle. So grateful: First, my brother Sheldon Compton at Revolution John: Joseph Spuckler at Evil Cyclist: David Abrams at The Quivering Pen: Dennis Mahagin (“Ancient Bassist”) at Amazon (among all the other amazing reviews!): Sheldon “Lil Joe” Compton, part 2: My dear sister, Cheryl, at CurTales: Loren Kleinman at THE HUFFINGTON POST: Steph Post with two part RIFT interview, here’s Kathy Fish: Steph Post with two part RIFT interview, with me: Steph also included RIFT here: I have to say, it’s been a wild ride so far! I want to give thanks to everyone who has purchased, reviewed, and said gracious or kind comments to Kathy and me. RIFT took the same gestation time as making a child: nine or so months! It would never have been possible without Satchi, Bud Smith, my siblings, Kathy (of course) and so many more contributors. Please help us spread the word. Get a copy of RIFT for a friend. Read more! Happy holidays.    ]]>

4 thoughts on “Press for RIFT”

  1. Robert and Kathy,
    I just received my copy of RIFT and look forward to curling up in front of a fire tonight and wrap my hands around the pages of RIFT letting my imagination transform me into the characters in this long awaited book.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hi Gregory, Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed RIFT! So grateful for your support, and life-long friendship.

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