A review, q & a, and recommendations

Unknown Loss Angeles by Mathieu Cailler won the Short Story American Prize for Short Fiction. A must read! Also, this one: Unknown-1 I remember reading Amelia Gray’s first collection, AM/ PM. I’ve read everything she has written since, and this new collection of stories does not disappoint! I hope you are enjoying Spring. Any trips on the horizon? What are your summer plans?]]>

4 thoughts on “A review, q & a, and recommendations”

    1. Hi Andi-o, the two trips for readings that I referred to in my blog post. Also, a trip to Seattle for the 4th of July week. Possibly NYC for our birthdays? I’ll let you know FOR SURE!!!

  1. Dear Cora, happy honeymoon! So thrilled you took “Microtones” with you and are enjoying it wherever you might be. Thanks for the note, it was such a nice surprise and made my day!

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