Back to Life, Back to Reality

The Secret Games of Words. (middle photo) And, Meg Tuite read her astonishing work, introduced the moment she walked into Brit’s Pub from her flight! FOL meKaren with bookMeg at FOL That evening, we ate at The Hyatt, in the Washburn room. A lovely game ensued in which we all chose one short story from another writer, and read them aloud. Here is Bill Yarrow taping Len Kuntz reading a Meg Tuite story: Bill Y and Len Thursday morning we had a meeting with the Literary Orphans staff at Muffin Top Cafe. Mike Joyce and Scott Waldyn, the current editors were on task and organized. There were twelve of us present. I currently serve as member of the Advisory Board. After lunch at Pinq’s, Len and I took in about half of the Book Fair. It’s vast, overwhelming and can make one wonder what am I doing in this sea of talented writers! And I met/saw these illuminati:  Jim Ruland (Forest of Fortune), Wendy Ortiz (Excavation), Sean H. Doyle (This Must Be the Place), Antonia Crane (Spent), Brandi Wells (This Boring Apocalypse), Marie Howe (What The Living Do) and so on, and so on… Friday was the HEAT reading, proceeds donated to VIDA: Women In Literary Arts. Championed by Anna March and Anna Short, and emceed by Antonia Crane. The room was lowly lit, jazz music played between sets of readers, a full bar in the corner. Was quite the speakeasy ambiance! In the first set, Extie Ecks,  and Wendy Ortiz slayed it; and in our set, Richard Peabody, Matt Bell, Meg Tuite, Len Kuntz and Bill Yarrow all dazzled. I read two short pieces: “No Face World Champ” and “Keep it Curt.” heat2 That evening, we took in the stellar Sara Lippmann, reading from her amazing short story collection, Doll Palace, with other Dock Street Press readers, including host Dane Bahr who is editor-in-chief (right), and Robert James Russell (bottom): Sara DSPDaneRobert Saturday I was on my first AWP panel: Literary Orphans Presents: Desire, Grief, Joy, Shame, and Fear. An Intimate Exploration of Identity. I was graciously asked to replace another writer who had taken ill, and was unable to make it to AWP. Our host, Mike Joyce, introduced us. And moderator, Anna March was superb. The other panelists included Zoe Zolbrod, Antonia Crane, Marie Lee and Brian Spears- they were all terrific, insightful, brave and inspiring. We had a packed audience, and the entire experience was transformative: panel RVunnamed-2PanelLO After we wrapped up our q & a, I blasted over to hear Meg Tuite on her Flash Fiction panel (The Flash Fiction Marketplace: What Editors are Looking For) with Tom Hazuka, Kim Chinquee and Lex Williford). Meg was fantastic, had so many insightful points about craft and read a story by Sara Henning called “My Grandfather’s Photographs” which is terrific. Originally published by Connotation Press (where Meg was former Fiction editor): Meg and Sarah Overall, the entire AWP #15 was outstanding. Saturday, I finally had a chance to see my publisher, Michael Seidlinger at the Civil Coping Mechanisms booth. He told me that Addicts & Basements sold out, as well as most of the other CCM titles. Fantastic news! Can’t ask for more than that. And AWP is also about friendships, and writing community comrades: Antonia LenHomiesBill and MegSara LenRobert and LenKS me Unforgettable memories, great moments. Thanks everyone for another truly remarkable experience. Los Angeles- here we come!!!        ]]>

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  1. I want to be a stowaway in your backpack! You’re the bullet in the holster of literary all stars. Nous parlons de tout ca en route from Albuquerque o Taos, ne c’est ce pas?

    1. Pamela, Oui! Oui! Oui!! I am too excited already for our drive from Albuquerque to Taos!!! OMG. What a week we are going to experience. When I told Marie I was going to attend, her face lit up so exquisitely! It was one of my favorite memories of the entire AWP. Can’t wait to see you. xoxo

    1. Yo, Alex! You were missed as well. Don’t wait until you have a book out? Just come for connections and readings and panels and hang time. You won’t regret it. Los Angeles awaits.

    1. Dear Gay, was so great to see you more than once while at AWP#15! I hope we can have the chance to catch up even more in Los Angeles- a meal, or a more intimate setting, not just at the Book Fair or parties.

  2. Robert, what a long way you’ve come since we knew once another way back when! Congratulations! Great to see your trajectory!!!

    1. Dear Christopher, you were there. We felt you, and the mentions of your name were more frequent than just one or two!!! xo

    2. Chris, I miss you! I can’t guarantee L.A. at all, but DC looks good as it’s only a 5 hr drive from me here.
      Book or no book. I know it seems far, but…my timelines are skewed; a year flies like a month, so…then….I’ll see you all in 2 months.
      hugs to all, to Meg to Len to Karen to Bill to Sarah…I will see you.

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