8 thoughts on “Gearing up: AWP Minneapolis 2015”

  1. Haha! Thanks for the shoutout! I was a goody two shoes at the Boston AWP, studiously attending all those panels and on-site readings, but last year at Seattle I was like a truant delinquent, walking the streets of Seattle and haunting off site readings. I did go to one panel where a dog sat on my lap.

    1. Hey MGM, yes, you had a marked change between AWP Boston and AWP Seattle, and it was all for the good, I must say! Seriously what a blast we had at BOTH conferences. And I can’t tell you how much you and the Budster will be missed. WAH! We’ll have to Skype you two into some of our escapades!!!

  2. Robert, what a wonderful blog entry this is! I was just discussing with my wife the possibility that I may be going to LA in 2016. I want to meet up with you and so many friends. You’ve always been so sweet, so supportive. You are one of my angels! I have to print this out, and then some months down the road start my planning. I have hope.

  3. Andrew, what kind words! I really hope to see you in Los Angeles, it’s going to be one of their largest attended conferences, so plan to register as soon as they open for taking names, probably sometime in September? Possibly earlier. And no, I don’t work for AWP, but my life has changed drastically as a result of this annual event. Come find out why.

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