HUMP Day Hues And while at Entropy, check out the list of our 2014 Literary Advocates: Literary Orphans issue 16: Houdini has arrived: Sam Snoek-Brown has selected his 2014 book shopping list! Thanks for including Addicts & Basements, buddy: Len Kuntz has three new poems at HOUSEFIRE: At Book Riot, Margaret Aldrich also compiles a Best Books List: Melissa Broder’s “Salt” at Poetry Magazine podcast: Janice Lee at The Volta’s “In Review”: Amber Sparks slays it with her essay, “Melville Never Wrote Me a Choose Your Own Adventure Book” at Electric Literature: At Camroc Press Review, Jim Breslin’s flash fiction, “The Graduate”: Bree Barton at PANK with “&%@# Me” (warning: graphic content!): And that, my friends, is a HUMP Day wrap. Choose a book (or two) as a great holiday gift.    ]]>

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