HUMP Day: November White-Out 2) Rumpus review of Elissa Washuta’s My Body is a Book of Rules: 3) Andrew Stancek has a new story, “Thefts,” up at Revolution John: 4) At Entropy, Juliet Escoria answers “What How & With Whom: Two Questions” by Christopher Higgs: 5) Roxane Gay’s Art or Humanity at The Butter: 6) The Ploughshares blog has the Round-Down: The Right Way to Write by Tasha Golden: 7) At the New Yorker, Sarah Larson’s “Listen to Sinead O’Connor”: 8) Matt Coleman hosts a Tuesday “twitterreview” column at Saybird, this week five questions for Joshua Harmon: 9) “Megan Daum won’t apologize” at The Salon: 10) Pharrell Williams has some of his favorite music at his Tumblr site. C’mon, what’re you waiting for?: I’m reading this Friday night in Madison, Wisconsin for MONSTERS OF POETRY, hosted by Adam Fell, whose book, I AM NOT A PIONEER – H_NGM_N: an online journal & small press, is wonderful! 1237799_10203471176834427_8316997767999329443_n We have a Facebook event page here: Lauren Haldeman, Hannah Brooks-Motl, Robert Vaughan, & Caryl Pagel. Please come and support your friendly Midwest poets: fun raffles, strange minced words, bafflement. And warmth. (Friday, November 21, 7:30 p.m. at Dragonfly Cafe in Madison).   ]]>

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