HUMP Day: November Nuggets

PETS: THREE VIGNETTES by Robert Vaughan | REVOLUTION JOHN. Thanks editor Sheldon Compton, for your support! And check out the other amazing work at this great website! Here are ten other places you can click and visit in cyberland: 1) Allie Marini Batts is interviewed by Drunk Monkey’s editor Matthew Guerrucky: 2) Janice Lee, co-founder of Entropy, talks about origins and more, “Writers and Creative People are Multi-Faceted” at The Review Review: 3) At Gigantic, a conversation about Fairy Tales between Porochista Khakpour and John Dermot Woods: 4) Although I typically abhor these sort of “exclusive lists,” at Buzzfeed, this one is pretty damn good: 5) Roxane Gay writes at her blog with “By Way of My Heart”: 6) An excerpt of his forthcoming novel, Alice, Sheldon Compton is up at New World Writing: 7) Downtown Express highlights “Risque Tales from respectable parents,” including a great photo of writer Paula Bomer: 8) Adam Robinson at Everyday Genius sums up the Letters Fest in Atlanta 2014: 9) Ryan Bradley’s Pop Cartography is up at Revolution John: 10) Gabe Durham interviews Maxwell Neely-Cohen about his new book, Echo of the Boom at The Rumpus: My Dad was a veteran of WWII. And so, we toasted to him last night, and thanks, Dad for your service. But today I don’t want to focus on war. I’d like to focus on peace. Have a great HUMP day. Do something nice, unexpected, for someone. Perhaps a stranger.  ]]>

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