HUMP Day Holla 2) NPR talks about Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi: 3) Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale and Heather Fowler won Artistically Declined’s 2013 Twin Antler’s Prize: 4) Jen Michalski at Nervous Breakdown with ‘Origin Story: Sara Lippman’s Doll Palace’: – more-119571 5) Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish re-blogs Ellen Bass’s “Prayer” from her new Like a Beggar collection: 6) Seems fitting for “Democracy” by Dorianne Laux, at Young Chicago Authors: 7) Ocean Vuong’s “Descent” in Drunken Boat 17: 8) BOMB magazine’s editor-in-chief, Betsy Sussler, has published BOMB: The Author Interviews at Soho Press: 9) Len Kuntz is straight from the heart at his blog, People You Know By Heart: 10) If you are near the NYC area on November 16, The Sunday Salon reading series is hosting three Massachusetts writers who are not to be missed:    ]]>

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