HUMP day: leaves 2) Bud Smith’s “Falling Horse, Stacked Demons” at theNewerYork: 3) The Guardian expands its roster of US Opinion Writers: 4) Amber Sparks and Mike Meginnis will be talking books live today, at 6:30 EST here: 5) Tanya Olsen’s “Ain’t I Pretty” at PANK: 6) Will Chancellor chats with Sheldon Compton at Revolution John: 7) Sara Lippmann at David Abrams’ The Quivering Pen talks about “My First Time”: 8) Matthew Simmons and Litsa Dremousis with “The Challenge” at Hobart: 9) Mallory Ortberg “Talks Shit About Hemingway and Thoreau” at Flavorwire: 10) Wendy Ortiz’s new memoir, Excavation, in the Los Angeles Times: – section/-1/article/p2p-80884386/ Also, I want to congratulate Kim Suhr, and the Red Oak community for a fantastic, inspiring reading last night at Saz’s. What a superb turnout! Stellar words from Pam Parker, Jonnie Guernsey, Beth Huwiler, Jack Douthitt, Jessi Vertz, Jennifer Vanderheyden, Jo DeMars, Christine Baerbock, Bruce Campbell and Jennifer Rupp. More information about Red Oak Writing. Please join us this Thursday, October 30th, for our next installment, Middle Coast Poets reading at Riverwest Public House, 815 E. Locust Street, 7 p.m. Frank Berg, Marilyn Windau, Paul Scot August and Robert Vaughan (me). We hope to see you there!]]>

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