Two September Readings: Bay View and Green Bay

Studio Lounge Bay View We do have a Facebook page set up for the event here: Studio Lounge Reading: Get Your Bay View Gallery Nite in Gear. Please help us spread the word and support your local writers!   Also, on Thursday, September 25th, I will be reading in Green Bay, Wisconsin at The Reader’s Loft, 2069 Central Court, Suite 44 in Green Bay. Fellow poets Cathryn Cofell and Marilyn Windau are also reading. Event will be hosted by Tori Grant Welhouse and is 6:00- 8:00 p.m. The Reader's Loft in Green Bay, WI We do have a Facebook page for this event: Poetry Reading with Cathryn Cofell, Robert Vaughn, Marilyn Windau. Would be great to see you at either event, please help spread the word if you are not able to come. We appreciate every single person who helps out! What are you reading lately?]]>

4 thoughts on “Two September Readings: Bay View and Green Bay”

  1. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I’m off to The Clearing tomorrow for a week of quilting, going early to get set up. We quilters are avid about the craft so need every extra minute. I think of you fondly and will miss you there. Hope you are well. FYI Person of Interest starts Tuesday. Denise’s episode is the fourth -I think airing Oct. 14. The studio has given her praise. Yeah!

    1. Hello Mary,
      I can imagine you are at The Clearing now, quilting to your heart’s desire. I recall you showing me some of your work when we were there in July. I hope you are having a blast. I think of you often as well, and hope our paths cross soon.
      Thanks for letting me know about Denise’s episode of Person of Interest- I will be sure to watch for it!
      Big hugs,

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