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Addicts & Basements: Many of you already know about AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs), the annual conference attended by more than 10,000 writers. In February 2014, it was held in Seattle. Mike Joyce, writer and editor-in-chief at Literary Orphans| Analog dream in a digital world, and I sat down in the Seattle Westin lobby and chatted about writing, my new book (it launched in Seattle), my publisher, Civil Coping Mechanisms, and Michael Seidlinger, the man behind the logo. You can listen here: Impromptu Interview with Robert Vaughan, at A.W.P 2014 | The Tavern LanternThe Tavern Lantern. Thanks Mike, for the great times, and also co-editor at LO, Scott Waldyn, who masterfully edited the final product. Also, Addicts & Basements is the Book Club pick at Dr. T.J. Eckleberg Review and this from the editors: Miscommunication and misunderstanding can be an addiction, an albatross dictating the invisible creeds we often cling to. Age, time, desire, lust, and a cacophony of suppressed urges are intimated at in, “The Lost and Erasable Parts of Us: “My identity tied up in a bottle. I craved my smell back, my decency, my shameless will. I grew gills, slithered up the stairs, fettered away, toward some desert city, in undulating waves.” When identity is so intertwined with a bottle, an addiction, or a basement, it’s easy to get lost. In Vaughan’s symphony, those weaknesses are a path back to self-discovery, a melody, however distorted, to guide listeners up into revelation. This isn’t a AAA meeting though as addictions lead to other addictions and there’s no permanent egress, only leaps into oblivion. I’m a Robert Vaughan junkie now. You can find me drowning in his basement. Here is the remainder of the information: The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review | DC, Baltimore, NY » ECKLEBURG BOOK CLUB | Addicts & Basements By Robert Vaughan And, yesterday I heard from bookstore manager at OMEGA INSTITUTE, Jean LaPlante, that Addicts & Basements is now available in the bookstore! Another dream come true! bookstore-interior Are you living your dreams? Do you know what they are?


12 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

  1. This is fab I can comment via my nook. To all the healers, shamen, writers artists and poets at omega who got to meet me. You’re welcome.

    1. David, they are all so fortunate to have your healing energy shared in the Shamanic Reiki course!!

  2. Great blog! Congrats on your book being selected by the Dr. T.J. Eckleberg book club, and the interview was great! Do you know if any bookstores carry Addicts & Basements in the Bay Area?

    1. Hi Seth, thanks for the supportive comments! You can use the “Contact Me” tab (see the top of my blog) and I will get back to you about how/ where you can purchase Addicts & Basements. Thanks!

  3. Really enjoyed this blog and congratulations on the success of your book, Robert! Well deserved.

  4. Congrats on all of your latest successes! Your hard work is paying off! Keep it up, Robert!

  5. Thanks for noticing, Theresa! Also for your nice comments about Addicts & Basements recently when I saw you in New York City!

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