A Reading, a new magazine, and an acceptance or two!

exceptional job with the art, and layout, and it looks so fantastic (I’m the fiction and poetry editor so I line up writers for each issue). This issue includes work from Justin Bond, Matthew Sherling, Megan Lent, Sharon Foley, Erin Parker, Aaron Dietz, Lucas Crawford, Emily Bertholf, Karen Stefano, and Sam Rasnake: Lost in Thought | Lost in Thought: Issue 6 | MagCloud Kyle and I have decided to scale back to three annual Lost in Thought issues in 2014, so we will re-open submissions in September. Also, I had the great fortune of an “acceptance” (versus a “rejection”) for the next issue of Literary Orphans (thanks, Mike Joyce), and will have another of my stranger pieces featured in the anthology EXCESS (poems and stories about overdoing it), edited by Bud Smith. More forthcoming! See you soon!]]>

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