Kirkus Review of Addicts & Basements

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It feels surreal, how much this Kirkus Reviews surprises me. In a new review, posted yesterday, Kirkus opens with: “A fast-moving fusion of micro-fiction and free verse that peers into the places where people keep things most deeply hidden.” And Kirkus wraps up their insightful review with this: “A fascinating study of human attachment and loss.” The entire review is here: ADDICTS & BASEMENTS by Robert Vaughan | Kirkus I am blown away. Humbled. Thank you, Kirkus Reviews, for this wonderful feeling.]]>

2 thoughts on “Kirkus Review of Addicts & Basements”

  1. A big, big CONGRATS on the Kirkus review.
    I’ve got two books out which were published
    by a small press so prob considered self-pubbed.
    I’ve gotten many awards & a poem was nommed
    for a Pushcart Prize. Kirkus would have me pay for
    my review, close to $500. Do you think it’s worth it
    for me? Thanks so much for your time, Robert.
    What a lovely Friday for you…

  2. Mary, thanks so much, this review came as quite the surprise! I guess you would have to decide if the Kirkus fee is worth your trouble? Because my review just came out at Kirkus yesterday, I’m too new to the Kirkus site to have any other valuable feedback. If we were to chat in a month or so, then I could have more information. Sorry I can’t be more help?

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