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Boswell Books with Gina Frangello We had a great turn-out, and thanks for all of my writing buddies from Red Oak Writers, as well as several local friends who made the event so meaningful to me. We sold every single copy of Addicts & Basements! And thanks Daniel, and Gina for making this possible: Welcome to Boswell Book Company’s website! | Boswell Book Company ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I also read in four events at the Seattle AWP: Festival of Language Festival of Language, hosted by Jane Carmen. This is my third year reading in this event, always takes place the first night, Wednesday, of the conference, so it’s also a “reunion” of sorts. Robert Vaughan Hot Pillow On Friday, I read in two separate events: HEAT, hosted by Anna March and Laura Bogart (who was off-site with a broken ankle) and proceeds raised all went toward VIDA, a wonderful organization. That afternoon, I was interviewed by Literary Orphans editor Mike Joyce back at the Westin for an upcoming interview series in his stellar magazine. Then, this photo (above) was taken at the Hot Pillow event, hosted by Joani Reese, Jen Knox and Meg Tuite, at the Roosevelt Hotel. Left Bank Books Left Bank Books Seattle Saturday, I read at the venerable Left Bank Books, on Pike Street at the Public Market. This bookstore, with the legacy of hosting such luminaries as Bukowski, ¬†Kerouac, and Grace Paley, was both a tremendous highlight of the conference, and also made me proud to represent my newest publisher, Civil Coping Mechanisms:¬†Left Bank Books Overall, the AWP conference leaves one with a complex, mystical feeling; like yes, I belong in this sea of misfits, but also, everyone in the entire world is a writer! Get back to the notebook, head down, and plow through those empty pages. There is a very nice mention today at Indie Authors Network of my new book. Thanks Alan Kealey for this: New Indie Book Release: Addicts & Basements (Robert Vaughan) | Indie Author News And huge thanks to anyone who purchases, mentions (or intends to) Addicts & Basements!!! ]]>

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