A Pushcart Prize nomination: Six Glimpses of the Uncouth at 1/25

1/25 announced his nominations for the Pushcart Prize yesterday…for those who are uncertain of what the Pushcart Prize means, here is a little more information about it: Welcome to The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses And here is Craig’s announcement via Tumblr: 1/25 I’m deeply indebted to editors like Craig, who see the value in my more experimental, and abstract writing. This piece, “Six Glimpses of the Uncouth,” might not have come together as it did without the writing and editing suggestions of Michael Maxwell, and Meg Tuite. To both of you for your input and support, and Craig- I honor you!        ]]>

14 thoughts on “A Pushcart Prize nomination: Six Glimpses of the Uncouth at 1/25”

  1. Thanks so much, Michael! This piece was one of so many this past year that came out of the Existential Mall. I can’t thank you and Meg for all your supportive comments and suggestions!

  2. Congratulations, Robert ! I love seeing you and your writing moving further and further into the literary world – in so many forms. Well deserved, and kudos to you……

  3. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching
    for someone completely different. Loved your blog and I’ll be back!

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