HUMP day thoughtful Penny Goring is in the unique author spotlight at HTML Giant: Len Kuntz’s How We Got Here is up at In Between Altered States: MaryAnne Kolton interviews Emma Brockes in the Los Angeles Review of Books: At Fictionaut, Tina Barry rocks on with Three Bedrooms in New Jersey: Two reviews of Pleasure Trout, the new amazing poetry chapbook by Gloria Mindock: If you missed this brilliance, check out Seeing by Karen Stefano at Metazen: James Claffey brings it at Fictionaut with Lid & Surface: A treasure-trove of great reading at Gessy Alvarez’s Digging Through The Fat ‘s monthly column, Community: Roxane Gay brings us the grim reality of Broader, Better Literary Conversations at The Nation: Do something nice for someone today, maybe a stranger, a random act of kindness. Let it surprise you, the way an unexpected gift might. Be gentle with yourself. Don different colored shades. Giggle often- laughter truly is the best medicine.            ]]>

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