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jmww, an online quarterly zine with an annual “best of” print journal. In 2011, one of the print magazines that I loved most, Lost in Thought accepted my piece, “3C’s.” It was edgy, and strange, slightly surreal. Editor Kyle Schruder was great to work with. So, when Thunderclap went on hiatus (it’s now back:, I approached Kyle about partnering with him for Lost in Thought. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history. Today, at Six Questions For, Jim Harrington interviews me about editing for Lost in Thought magazine. Thanks Jim and also Kyle, for being so fantastic to collaborate with. Here is the interview: Six Questions For . . .: Six Questions for Robert Vaughan, Fiction and Poetry Editor, Lost in Thought]]>

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  1. Hi, Robert. Thanks for sharing your post info. One point of clarification. Six Questions For. . . and Flash Fiction Chronicles are separate entities, the only connection being that I manage both. Just wanted to clear that up. 🙂

    1. Hi Jim,
      So sorry and thanks for the clarification! I’ve made the edits on my posting, so that others who read it will not be confused. Thanks again for the opportunity!

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