New prose poem at Clutching at Straws

Microtones from Cervena Barva Press: The Lost Bookshelf Shawn went on to publish a handful of other strange pieces of mine: Detour, Cowboys & Indians, Fill the Void, and One Night Out. They are all archived at his fantastic web-zine. Today, he has published Four Myths, and this piece is forthcoming in my first full collection, Addicts & Basements from Civil Coping Mechanisms: Four Myths | Clutching at Straws Thanks, Shawn, for your ongoing support and your friendship. Means a lot to me.  ]]>

Essay: Searching for the Solid

The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review » ESSAYS | Searching for the Solid I feel as this is an ongoing motif in my writing, a search, in some sense, toward or away from, something. After all, language is always a traveling between the obvious and the obtuse. And the point of a poem, or an essay, for that matter, is to pose questions, not answer them. I hope you enjoy! Also, if it is of interest to you, “Ten Notes to the Guy Studying Jujitsu” will be among the thirty pieces of mine collected in my forthcoming chapbook from Deadly Chaps, Diptychs, Triptychs, Lipsticks and Dipshits. Information will soon be available about how to purchase this. Thanks to editor Rae Bryant for the idea of this “essays” series, and to Vipra Ghimire, Assistant Non-Fiction Editor, for her great editorial guidance.  ]]>

HUMP day thoughtful Penny Goring is in the unique author spotlight at HTML Giant: Len Kuntz’s How We Got Here is up at In Between Altered States: MaryAnne Kolton interviews Emma Brockes in the Los Angeles Review of Books: At Fictionaut, Tina Barry rocks on with Three Bedrooms in New Jersey: Two reviews of Pleasure Trout, the new amazing poetry chapbook by Gloria Mindock: If you missed this brilliance, check out Seeing by Karen Stefano at Metazen: James Claffey brings it at Fictionaut with Lid & Surface: A treasure-trove of great reading at Gessy Alvarez’s Digging Through The Fat ‘s monthly column, Community: Roxane Gay brings us the grim reality of Broader, Better Literary Conversations at The Nation: Do something nice for someone today, maybe a stranger, a random act of kindness. Let it surprise you, the way an unexpected gift might. Be gentle with yourself. Don different colored shades. Giggle often- laughter truly is the best medicine.            ]]>

Six Questions For…

jmww, an online quarterly zine with an annual “best of” print journal. In 2011, one of the print magazines that I loved most, Lost in Thought accepted my piece, “3C’s.” It was edgy, and strange, slightly surreal. Editor Kyle Schruder was great to work with. So, when Thunderclap went on hiatus (it’s now back:, I approached Kyle about partnering with him for Lost in Thought. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history. Today, at Six Questions For, Jim Harrington interviews me about editing for Lost in Thought magazine. Thanks Jim and also Kyle, for being so fantastic to collaborate with. Here is the interview: Six Questions For . . .: Six Questions for Robert Vaughan, Fiction and Poetry Editor, Lost in Thought]]>