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Addicts & Basements book, when a segment came on, hosted by Ray Suarez, to discuss the current state of gay marriage. Ray introduced two gentlemen, and I immediately thought: I know one of these guys! Sure enough, turns out, John Eastman is someone I went to high school with, and I vaguely recall his family moved either during our senior year, or perhaps right after. Ironic it is that Eastman now serves as the Chairman-of-the-Board of the anti-same-sex-marriage group, The National Organization for Marriage. Life is stranger than fiction. And while speaking of high school, not long ago, my writing desk that I had in my youth returned home to me, and is currently in my office: childhood desk It’s an antique beauty, and she has been through everything with me, like a long lost friend. Now, I do most of my work at the more modern, larger desk I acquired after moving to Wisconsin. I adore being surrounded by my books. Same office, same space. My new and older writing desks are buds: My writine desk Where do you write? Where do you get most of your work done? Here are some of the posts floating around cyberland this week: At Blaze, a story about Tag (thanks Paul Scot August for the link): “Brute Dictation” by Jules Gibbs at Verse Daily: Matt Rasmussen is profiled at Poetry by Kathleen Rooney, in “See What You Miss by Being Dead?”: At Up Poetry, Bob Schofield with “World’s Spookiest Dad”: Juliet Escoria writes about how to write your first book in 33 easy steps at Electric Literature blog (hers is Black Cloud, forthcoming in June 2014): Bud Smith debuts his new book, Tollbooth. You just have to check it out to believe me when I say READ THIS: And here is Bud’s blog, where you can sample some of Tollbooth: A funny (ironic?) Onion article, “Teacher Just Hopes They Never Google Him” (Mary Stone Dockery, thanks for link!):,29271/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:NA:InFocus&recirc=back-to-school Wayne Kostenbaum does the TNB Self-Interview: – more-113156 At the Good Men Project, Matthew Salesses writes 25 Ways Moving is as Stressful as Death: DJ Berndt at Shabby Doll House (Spring) with “Three Decisions”: Take some time before summer ends, to get out and enjoy the smog. Take a drive on the NJ Turnpike, or swim in the brackish waters, the headstreams of the Amazon. I digress- when’s the last time you set an alarm so you could watch sunrise? Or met your best pal at the highest plateau to watch sunset? P.S. Here’s one fun thing about a writer’s blog…my pal Zach found that writer’s book (about their writing desks) that I referred to at the beginning of this post. Here’s the link: The Writer’s Desk (9780679450146): Jill Krementz, John Updike: Books    ]]>

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  1. I write on 3 ikea bjursta dining tables placed side-by-side, jet black, until my wife painted them turquoise. It serves as the dinner and brunch and netflix table, situated against a wall in the family room, above the chandelier.
    The last time I set an alarm to watch the sunrise was a few days ago. But I needed to leave her apartment early so I could tip toe back home.
    When I was in Tuscon, AZ earlier this month to see my writing pal Isaac, I stayed at an old college friend’s home. He offered the chance to experience the highest plateau. We drove through desert hills just to chase down the sun, setting, barely speaking for Miles. Bitches Brew was on the radio.

    1. Jamez, I love that your writing area is a makeshift spot which takes on numerous functions. How cool is this…the urban solution! That trip to AZ sounds remarkable. I hope it works its way into a future writing piece? And Bitches Brew… the Miles Davis piece? Now THAT is a sunset piece to reckon with!

  2. Hey Robert! Love your musings! Love your desk! You’ll be happy to know, I dragged myself out of a very comfy bed last week at 4 am to watch the second night of the Perseids. I was duly rewarded with an amazing sighting of an asteroid with smoking tail, truly. That’s enough to shake up the creative juices! Cheers, Katherine

    1. That sighting sounds amazing, Katherine! Thanks for the sweet comments about my blog and writing space. I hope your writing is flowing!

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