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Rough Music by Deborah Digges, a poet we discussed on Tuesday morning at Esalen. I can still hear Dorianne Laux’s mesmerizing reading of Deborah’s poem, “Broom,” which opens this astounding collection. And the haunting story of the poet’s life, and tragic death. And so, at the top spot in this week’s HUMP day posts, comes from a fellow poet and workshop participant, Jeanie, who sent me the link to another great article about Deborah Digges. Enjoy! HUMP DAY reflect Written about one of the poets, Digges, whose poem “Broom,” we studied at Esalen last week (thanks for the link, Jeanie!): Sara Lippmann’s “TK” is up at Wigleaf: Alex Dimitrov, NYC poet and host of Wilde’s Queer Poetry Series, has “American Nothing” at The Baffler: At Ampersand Review, Timothy Gager’s “What the Boy Prays For”: At Fictionaut, Michelle Elvy with “The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts”: New work by Tantra Bensko and Matthew Dexter up at Counterexample Poetics, with artwork by Erie Chang: Up at Poem-A-Day from Academy of American Poets, Jennifer Militello with her “Conspiracy to Commit Larceny: A Recipe”:–Conspiracy-to-Commit-Larceny–A-Recipe-by-Jennifer-Militello.html?soid=1110705357409&aid=rVclQaXo9XI Stephen Dunn’s poetry at Connotation Press: In this issue of Sunday Salon, take in some great work from master writers: At Gawker, a Man with OCD Blows Internet Away with this spoken word poem: When you think you have all the answers, ask more questions. They all begin with self-inquiry. Talk a walk in nature. Listen to the breeze. Or the bees. Or just be.  ]]>

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  1. Hey, Robert, great post and thanks so much for the quartet mention (Counterexample/Tantra Bensko/Matthew Dexter/Erie Chang). Really nice of you! I love the idea of a “Top Spot” (with graphic) in your “HUMP DAY” reflect post. It gives us something to shoot for, and it sort of reinforces the idea that you’re compiling and curating, indeed REFLECTing.
    Awesome work, and I’m glad you enjoyed your retreat!

    1. James, thanks for reading and commenting! Keep doing the great things you are achieving at CEP and more!

  2. Thank you so much, Robert, for sharing the Deborah Digges article.
    I was so touched by all of it and her work is just powerfully enchanting.
    She ended up with her third husband in the town where I was born and
    couldn’t wait to escape – Worcester, Massachusetts. I am so happy that
    in the end she found someone who really cherished and ‘got’ her.
    So sad that the union was short-lived. Life, it has its way with us,
    that’s for sure!

    1. Dear Mary, thanks so much for your lovely comments. As a newer reader to Deborah Digges, I was also really moved by the Tufts article and the first book of poems (her third) to come to me…Rough Music. I simply can’t put it down! I LOVE IT! How interesting to hear that she settled in Worcester, MA. Indeed, we do have small circles in our lives, don’t we? So happy you found your way into mine.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments, Dorianne. How could I not? Digges is a poet whose work ought never to be forgotten. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you turning us ALL on to her wizardry! xo

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