Microtones review at Sabotage by Ian Chung

truth: it rocked! Our facilitators were amazing: Ellen Bass, Dorianne Laux and Joe Millar. We had daily motivational craft sessions, and prompts. We also were in captivating surroundings at this sensational dwelling, Esalen, which made it all the more sensory heightened. And as far as what I know- there is so much more to learn! I got a great start on three new poems, tentatively called “The Patio,” “Hummingbirds,” and “Passages.” While I was away, a new review of Microtones appeared, magically, by the gracious Ian Chung, who also edits Eunoia Review: Microtones’ by Robert Vaughan | Sabotage I am ever so grateful to Ian for these kind and insightful words. Also to Meg Tuite, my partner in crime, who loves poetry as much as I and wrote some fierce work this week. Great to see you Jeffrey and Pam (also some incredible poems!) and our wonderful neighbor, Dana! And to Joe, Dorianne and Ellen: eternal reverence and love to you all!  ]]>

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  1. You lucky thing! I took a workshop last summer with Dorianne and Joseph, so I know what an enriching experience it is. Congrats, too, on the review. Very nice and well deserved indeed. If you’re not too busy, check out Michelle’s Glow Worm website. She was kind enough to include a poem of mine as her Tuesday pick. Any readings coming up for you in NY?

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