Mention at DC's: writer Dennis Cooper's incredible blog

DC’s: 3 books I read recently and loved: Darby Larson Irritant, Travis Jeppesen The Suiciders, Robert Vaughn Microtones So, call me silly. And if nothing else, a little vain, too. Happy weekend- or, as my pal Michael Gillan Maxwell likes to say: “It’s Friday, bitches!” Get yer groove on.]]>

9 thoughts on “Mention at DC's: writer Dennis Cooper's incredible blog”

  1. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it. Existentialism and Isolationism.
    Apparently with a hint or moreso of Optimism. Just a little light reading. What influenced you to write this book?

    1. Hey Edgar, thanks for visiting my blog! You pose a great question here, and one that I would answer differently each time I am asked. Today I request that you take a peek at the interview I did with Meg Tuite, posted on my blog on July 15th, the post that reads ‘The Illusion of Continuity is up at Counterexample Poetics’. That is not the actual link to the interview, but if you scan the four links posted in this blog, you will see the interview listed. it gives a way better answer to this question than I might do here! Again, thanks for the interest and I hope you enjoy Microtones!

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