HUMP Day Hot, Sizzlin Hot

Robert Vaughn – IMDb). We have no affiliation, other than his residence in Connecticut where my sister has also lived most of her adult life.  But there is yet another Robert Vaughan, and this time, one whose last name is spelled like mine. And he happens to also be a writer. And he has written over 200 books. Impressive? You bet! So, when he googled his own name recently, he was surprised to find little ‘ol me! Sort of like, what are YOU doing here? (I already knew about him, I mean, how could I not? He’s this Robert Vaughan: Robert Vaughan: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle). So now, if that isn’t already strange enough, we’re Facebook friends! I hope that someday our paths cross in person. He seems an awfully nice guy. Here are the HUMP Day posts, sites to check out in cyber-land:  The Believer and Gigantic Books chit-chat: All new Zygote in my Coffee. Check out the goods: Writers on Craft: Heather Fowler and Amy King get on down at Fictionaut: A List of Call for Submissions at The Artificial Selection Project: Get your xTx dosage at The Sunday Rumpus (and happy birthday, Extie!): Ten Guerilla Poetry Projects at Flavorwire: Michael Gillan Maxwell’s award winning story at Metazen: Deborah Henry at Kirkus Review. (I knew her when): Meg Tuite with her stellar poem, “Mosaic,” at Thunderclap: And that, my friends, is enough for now. Remember to hydrate. Stay cool. If you are able, please join me and other readers tomorrow night, July 11th, at People’s Books in Milwaukee. Midwestern Gothic is hosting, and it’s from 6-8 p.m. What’s one thing you might do this summer that you haven’t done in years, or perhaps never done? Maybe it’s attending a poetry reading? An outdoor jazz event? A spiritual retreat?      ]]>

4 thoughts on “HUMP Day Hot, Sizzlin Hot”

  1. You will always be The Man from UNCLE to me! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions for reading. Thanks for the HUMP!

  2. Wow. Love your posts! You prompted me to maybe friend another writer and Miss Malaysia – Deborah Henry!
    Thanks for all the amazing links, too. Going to share with my writer daughter. She is interning at a literary agency in NYC and will love them. And thanks for including little ‘ol me.:)

  3. Robert Vaughn was a beauty — so you both share that too! I also have a good friend and fellow poet/writer with my same exact name and spelling — the marvelous Philip Clark (co-editor of the wonderful “Persistent Voices: Poets Lost To AIDS”, with David Groff). It got to be a joke when we were in the same room, that I became known as Philip the Elder, and he was Philip the Blonder! At any rate, I now separate my name with my middle initial. Solved everything. But as UNCLES go, Robert, you are definitely in a class by yourself.

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