HUMP Day returns: Welcome back to the HUMP!

This is Not a Situation in Which You Should Remain Calm from Cervena Barva Press, the same press which published Microtones! Welcome to the CBP family, Michelle. Heart-felt congratulations: The Lost Bookshelf-Červená Barva Press books JMWW has released our summer issue 2013 with incredible interviews, poetry, prose, and a new column called Exquisite Duet, edited by Meg Tuite. Check it all out here: jmww.summer.2013 Lost in Thought magazine is getting closer to releasing our 5th issue. Work forthcoming from all sorts of incredible poets and writers including Aaron Teel, Amanda Deo, Matt Hart, Corey Zeller, Sara Lippmann, David Tomaloff and many more. I will provide the link as soon as it is available, and for now, please join our Facebook page for updates: Lost In Thought Dennis Cooper at his blog DC’s has his Mine for Yours, mid-2013 faves list: DC’s: Mine for yours: My mid-2013 favorites of the year lists-in-progress re: books, music, film, art. So happy to see so many great books included. Mike Joyce of Literary Orphans is one of the most innovative editors and writers out there. And an incredibly supportive guy, too. Here is his stunning video for the Wordsworth issue, #7, in which my poem “Aretha” appeared: Literary Orphans: ISSUE 07 – YouTube Another great editor and writer, Jamez Chang, is new at Counterexample Poetics and he has just launched their new flash fiction edition: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. What a great line-up! If you have not read Gears by Alex Pruteanu, then there is an excellent review by Christopher Allen at Fictionaut. Check it out: The Fictionaut Blog Another great writer, Marcus Speh, is now available on video at Michael Dickes’s Awkward Paper Cut and please check out Marcus’s new book, Thank You For Your SpermMarcus Speh – Flash Fiction Video | Awkword Paper Cut Alissa Nutting is a writer to watch and read! I loved her Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls. And now this: Why stories of female sexual predators shock us – New Blue Fifth Review with a poet spotlight on Bill Yarrow: Poet Special: Works by Bill Yarrow (June 2013 / 13.12) | Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series. Congratulations Bill, and editors Sam Rasnake and Michelle Elvy. READINGS: Check out the Midwestern Gothic Summer Reading Series, events planned all over the Midwest: Midwestern Gothic – A Literary Journal » Blog Archive » Upcoming Events: MG Summer Reading Series I’ll be reading in two upcoming MG events: July 11th at People’s Books in Milwaukee, and July 20th at Riverwest Public House in Milwaukee. Mark your calendars! Also, our next outing of the Middle Coast Poets is July 29th at Burnsider’s Bar in Bayview. More information forthcoming! That’s it for the new HUMP! I hope you remember to drink plenty of water today!          ]]>

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  1. Wow, what a surprise and honor to be mentioned on your website, Robert. Thank you so much! We really look forward to your and Meg Tuite’s wonderful work gracing our pages July 15! Thanks again for the kind words.

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