HUMP Day Esalen Brilliant article On Making the Poetry Manuscript by Jeffrey Levine: At Her Kind, writer Melissa Buckheit’s “To the Water: Speaking of the Interior (self): Nate Tower gets gritty at New Graffiti, Timothy Gager’s fun blog: Nigel Beale of Literary Tourist interviews Stephen Motika of Poet’s House in NYC: (I have a little confession here- I was so jazzed to see Microtones, my poetry chapbook from Cervena Barva Press, listed in the Poet’s House library on their website. I’m official!) Matheiu Cailler’s story “Over The Bridge” won the 2012 Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction: – features/ At Poem-A-Day, Meghan O’Rourke’s “Demeter in Paris” is stellar:–Demeter-in-Paris-by-Meghan-O-Rourke.html?soid=1110705357409&aid=Pyv3U_fWKz0 This week on A Cups, Ann and Angela interview Gabby Bess (Gabby Gabby) about her recently published Alone With Other People (Civil Coping Mechnisms) and so much more: Always thrilled for a new Len Kuntz story, “Devil’s Elbow” up at Orion headless: NPR’s Krista Tippet and poet extra-ordinaire Marie Howe get down on In The Room: – at=1945 Last summer, I had the great fortune of spending the week with Marie Howe, Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux at Carter Hall in Virginia for the Truth and Beauty Workshop. A week in bliss, with three incredible masters and teachers of poetry. Aaahhh. This Friday I embark on my 2013 journey to San Francisco and points south, to study for another week, in paradise. My teachers this year are Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux, and Joe Millar. I am nervous, but more excited than anything else. I will see some dear friends, and spend time in a city I revere, and with a little grace, and help from friends, and the bowl of nirvana enveloping us, some writing will emerge. Happy week to you all, and HUMP it up!  ]]>

Review of Microtones by Andree Robinson-Neal

Book Review – Microtones by Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles For writers, and purposes of submitting, check out the thorough list of markets, and resources of where to submit, broken into categories by word limits: Flash Markets « Flash Fiction Chronicles Wow! What a joy it is to have one’s work not only appreciated, but re-interpreted in these lovely, myriad ways. Thanks, Andree, for this luminous review. And Jim Harrington, and all the great staff at FFC for your continuous support of the flash fiction community.]]>

Interview on WUWM, Lake Effect in Milwaukee

Middle Coast Poets reading series, and we had our inaugural event on April 29th at Riverwest Public House. From the success of that reading, we decided to continue the Middle Coast Poets readings quarterly, hosting from Milwaukee neighborhoods Riverwest and Bay View with each event. And so, our next Middle Coast Poets event is on Monday, July 29th, at 6:00 p.m. at Burnheart’s in Bay View. All the information, address and readers is located on my Events page. And here is the interview on WUWM: New Poetry Reading Series Wants to Rock You | WUWM. Thanks Paul, for all the fun and inspiration, and Stephanie for this, and more. You’re the best!]]>

HUMP day explore

For Selected Works of Kurt Brown along with your donation): At Write it Sideways, Christi Craig has a fantastic take on “Telling the Truth in Memoir: More than Just Facts”: Also, on another amazing blog, this time about writing contests at Write, Juggle, Run by Nate Tower: (And this article is also mentioned at another great blog I follow, The Review Review: The 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review is out, with stunning talent once again, edited by Meg Tuite and including work by Michael Gillan Maxwell, Agnes Marton, Alex Pruteanu, Joani Reese, Mathieu Callier, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Timothy Gager and so many more. My short fiction “She Wears Me Like A Coat” is included. And here is the link for those of you who might want to read the pdf version (online): The Santa Fe Literary Review Santa Fe Literary Review A new anthology from Redbridge Press called Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream, includes writers xTx, Libby Hart, Steve Castro, Erin Fitzgerald and many more: Peril Magazine has a new poem by Ivy Alvarez, “What Olivia de Havilland Wished For,” included in her Hollywood Starlet Series. Also a great interview included: Amber Sparks is the featured writer this month at Atticus Review: John Mortara’s video interview is up at Cutty Spot, thanks Matty Sherling: Meg Wolitzer did an interview in April 2013, with musical references for her latest book, The Interestings at Largehearted Boy: What’s in a cover? New York Times’ article with Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012: Summer is a great time to catch up with friends. One of the topics that often emerges amongst writers is submissions. Are you submitting? If so, where? How? I tend to use Duotrope and subscribe to their weekly e-mail newsletter: Another great source my friend Carol Wobig recommends is And the Review Review, which I posted earlier: What are your other favorites?      ]]>

Two poems and a nod Shannon published some uniquely experimental and strange poetry at his site. Recently I went online looking for it, and discovered it no longer existed. I was really bummed! I’d often include in my quest for some reading inspiration. One of my poems Shannon published, “Semaphones,” I also selected for Microtones: Semaphores I come from steel, bolt, twine, bales of indifference, swells of turpentine. Broken bells, misfires at semaphores. Shrieking hearts grind open moors. Twisting tides train moon in motion. Scurrying sideways, crabs flee ocean. You find me flinging misshapen flocks as you bridge closer filming shocks And here is another poem of mine that Shannon published at Still, the Clouds Kelly tells me tonight Erik leaves for Minnesota this Sunday. Immediate relief, exuberance. Later deep pain registers regrets. What have I done? His wavering like weather. Inconsistent. A rare shimmer. Still, the clouds; still, the rain. Thanks so much Shannon, for always supporting my work. I hope you are still writing, and crafting your poems and I want you to know I wish you all the best!    ]]>

HUMP day Bastille and Tour de France Shane Jones at VICE: Nate Tower gives terrific and sound advice about submitting writing to literary magazines on his blog Write, Juggle, Run: JMWW is having a poetry chapbook contest, guest judged by Oliver de la Paz. Details in the JMWW summer issue: Connotation Press is up with their Mid-July issue, with a note from Fiction Editor Meg Tuite: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review’s staff spotlight is Rae Bryant, Editor-In-Chief: A gorgeous poem, “Goodnight Moon” by James Arthur at If you haven’t read the book that inspired this poem (same name) I highly recommend it: Heather Fowler and Rusty Barnes get down at Fictionaut. Great to hear Night Train is back on track: Bud Smith hosts Frank Reardon on the Unknown Show. You gotta check it out: Interview with brilliant Dennis Cooper at the Esoterrorist where he chats about alt lit and current state of publishing: Have a great HUMP day, my Bactrian and Dromedary friends! Oh, and for those of you who don’t consider yourselves camels, or French, well, then, you too! Please remember to check the Events page on my blog: I’ve two readings forthcoming- this Saturday, July 20 at Riverwest Public House; and Middle Coast Poets Reading on July 29 at Burnhearts in Bay View. Come out and play! Support your local poets and writers!]]>

The Illusion of Continuity is up at Counterexample Poetics

Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. This is in combination with Meg Tuite’s “Full Circle”: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry And then we also collaborated on “Steeped in Fog”: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. And to top it all off, Meg interviews me about Microtones: Counterexample Poetics: Assemblage of Experimental Artistry. Words do not express the gratitude I feel for Jamez Chang in his new role as the Fiction Editor at Counterexample Poetics! He is already rocking this concept, and his stamp was stellar for Meg and me, especially his ideas with our collaborative piece, Steeped in Fog. Thanks, Jamez! All the best to you. Talent obviously runs in the family, with his wife’s gorgeous art:  ]]>

Mention at DC's: writer Dennis Cooper's incredible blog

DC’s: 3 books I read recently and loved: Darby Larson Irritant, Travis Jeppesen The Suiciders, Robert Vaughn Microtones So, call me silly. And if nothing else, a little vain, too. Happy weekend- or, as my pal Michael Gillan Maxwell likes to say: “It’s Friday, bitches!” Get yer groove on.]]>

HUMP Day Hot, Sizzlin Hot

Robert Vaughn – IMDb). We have no affiliation, other than his residence in Connecticut where my sister has also lived most of her adult life.  But there is yet another Robert Vaughan, and this time, one whose last name is spelled like mine. And he happens to also be a writer. And he has written over 200 books. Impressive? You bet! So, when he googled his own name recently, he was surprised to find little ‘ol me! Sort of like, what are YOU doing here? (I already knew about him, I mean, how could I not? He’s this Robert Vaughan: Robert Vaughan: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle). So now, if that isn’t already strange enough, we’re Facebook friends! I hope that someday our paths cross in person. He seems an awfully nice guy. Here are the HUMP Day posts, sites to check out in cyber-land:  The Believer and Gigantic Books chit-chat: All new Zygote in my Coffee. Check out the goods: Writers on Craft: Heather Fowler and Amy King get on down at Fictionaut: A List of Call for Submissions at The Artificial Selection Project: Get your xTx dosage at The Sunday Rumpus (and happy birthday, Extie!): Ten Guerilla Poetry Projects at Flavorwire: Michael Gillan Maxwell’s award winning story at Metazen: Deborah Henry at Kirkus Review. (I knew her when): Meg Tuite with her stellar poem, “Mosaic,” at Thunderclap: And that, my friends, is enough for now. Remember to hydrate. Stay cool. If you are able, please join me and other readers tomorrow night, July 11th, at People’s Books in Milwaukee. Midwestern Gothic is hosting, and it’s from 6-8 p.m. What’s one thing you might do this summer that you haven’t done in years, or perhaps never done? Maybe it’s attending a poetry reading? An outdoor jazz event? A spiritual retreat?      ]]>