A Review of Microtones at Your Own Back Yard

Microtones written by Michael Gillan Maxwell at his writer’s blog, Your Own Back Yard. Michael (affectionally known as MGM) and I crossed paths in 2010 at one of the most magical writing experiences we’d both ever had, a weeklong retreat at Omega Institute. Three of the poems that are in the Microtones book were crafted, first drafts, that week in paradise: “My Bicycle,” “A Stone Wall,” and “Legacy.” I am so grateful for our friendship, and constant workshop and feedback of each other’s works-in-progress. MGM is a gifted poet and writer, and I have come to rely on his generous spirit! Thanks a ton, MGM! Book Review: Microtones by Robert Vaughan Červená Barva Press 2013 | Your Own Back Yard ~ Writing and Art ~ Michael Gillan Maxwell]]>

Meet the Judges at Flash Mob 2013

String-of-10 Contest First Place Winner, Linda Wastila « Flash Fiction Chronicles And here’s mine: String-of-10 Second Place Winner – Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles So, when she most recently asked if I’d do a question and answer with her for this “Get to Know the Judges” at the Flash Mob site, I said OF COURSE! And now, here it is. Thanks a ton, Linda, for all you do, and what you mean to me: FLASH MOB 2013 | The International Flash Fiction Day Competition And what are you waiting for? ENTER THIS NOW! Get your short fiction into us a.s.a.p.!!!  ]]>

A Continental Drift

A Continental Drift The last time we argued, I went to bed hungry. I woke up in the middle of the 3 a.m. zone. You were snoring, so I crept outside. I turned off the house alarm. The last time I forgot, and I don’t ever want to face down the barrel of a shotgun again. I slid into my surf shoes. There’s a soft rain, almost like London fog spits, still all I wanted was to see the moon’s surface and look for him: the man. Where did he go? It seems as though we are on different continents lately, Asia Minor and possibly the equator, or some reef, even though that’s not wholly continental. Or holy. Because wherever I am, it’s hot. Indigenous. Everything too bright, rashy and irritable. I wake up sweating and want to club something, because you can sleep through train wrecks, plane departures, drifting tides and empty nests. And because I always believed I would see her again. Now the wind picks up and I shudder, because I would know you by the touch of ice on the tongue of the wind. And when I see that man in the moon through a cloud’s sliver, it makes me wonder if we are made of folks who don’t know we are even listening.   Robert here again: Please do consider entering the Flash Mob contest! You won’t be sorry!  ]]>

Flash Fiction Chronicles Short Story List 2013

For the third year, Flash Fiction Chronicles has asked writers/ readers to suggest their personal favorite short stories to honor May’s short story month. This year I am so honored that two of my stories made the list: “Hexagon of Life” was recommended by Christopher Allen (thanks CA!), originally published at Metazen and nominated for the 2013 Best of the Net Award: Hexagon of Life by Robert Vaughan | Metazen “A Gauze, A Medical Dressing, A Scrim” was recommended by Meg Tuite (thanks Meg!), originally published as the 2nd place winner in the FFC String-of-10 Five Contest: String-of-10 Second Place Winner – Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles Here is the amazing list, all 161 stories, plenty of summer reading made available for you by the great people at FFC: thanks to Gay Degani, Jim Harrington and any others who compiled this list: An FFC List in Honor of Short Story Month 2013 « Flash Fiction Chronicles        ]]>

Gone Lawn Journal issue #11

Gone Lawn Journal, thanks to guest editor Yarrow Paisley. There are several other talented writers in this issue, including Berit Ellingsen, Stephen Ramey, Nicolette Wong, Neila Mezynski, and many more. Featured artist is Pd Lietz and painting is called Maelstrom: Issue #11 Frontispiece The five pieces I’ve published are: The Hazards of Moving in With a Couple, A Wonderful Life, Dirty Laundry, Mercy, and Nuts: Gone Lawn 11 : Robert Vaughan These are pieces I am considering for my upcoming full length book, Addicts and Basements, from Civil Coping Mechanisms.  ]]>