The Small Press Book Review

Microtones is up at the Small Press Book Review, written by Jake Goldman, and I was referred to him by my buddy, Mel Boswell. One of the poems in Microtones that Jake refers to, “Turbidity,” I wrote in Boston when I went to read for Timothy Gager’s Dire Literary monthly reading series in April 2012. I was having my morning coffee, and it was Easter Sunday, and surrounding me at that Somerville Starbucks were students, housewives, drifters, single men; people who, for various reasons, were NOT celebrating this traditional family holiday. So, the first stanza of “Turbidity” came easily: Holidays are hard I’m going to take a walk, escape the silence of this house… Goldman also refers to three other poems in Microtones, and provides the reader an exquisite glimpse into what Jake calls “a balanced and focused work and one that calls for multiple reads.” I am very grateful to Jake, and Mel for this profound interpretation of my first collection from Cervena Barva Press: The Small Press Book Review : Review of Robert Vaughan’s MICROTONES ]]>

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