A Review of Microtones at Your Own Back Yard

Microtones written by Michael Gillan Maxwell at his writer’s blog, Your Own Back Yard. Michael (affectionally known as MGM) and I crossed paths in 2010 at one of the most magical writing experiences we’d both ever had, a weeklong retreat at Omega Institute. Three of the poems that are in the Microtones book were crafted, first drafts, that week in paradise: “My Bicycle,” “A Stone Wall,” and “Legacy.” I am so grateful for our friendship, and constant workshop and feedback of each other’s works-in-progress. MGM is a gifted poet and writer, and I have come to rely on his generous spirit! Thanks a ton, MGM! Book Review: Microtones by Robert Vaughan Červená Barva Press 2013 | Your Own Back Yard ~ Writing and Art ~ Michael Gillan Maxwell]]>

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