National Poetry Month: April 17

String-of-10 Second Place Winner – Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles Often I write about the world in which we live; impressions of the natural occurrences like changes in light, or falling leaves. I look to make abstract associations, and I noticed this tendency as I read through the brilliant collection Debacle, Debacle by Matt Hart. His work, like mine, is undefinable: poetry? fiction? genre defying? internal? external? abstract? And yet, his skill at conveying, even piercing emotions, and dazzling word combinations is unfathomable. So, today I read “Fang Face” from Matt Hart: Robert Vaughan reads “Fang Face” by Matt Hart – YouTube Debacle, Debacle is available at h_ngm_n Books: H_NGM_N: an online journal & small press What do you notice in nature that surprises you? How are you deadly? Do you hate conclusions of stories?]]>

One thought on “National Poetry Month: April 17”

  1. Nature doesn’t surprise me…people who abuse the priviledge of co-existing on this glorious earth and abuse it shock and sadden me. As they are then surprised about how it’s hot it January or snows into May. With regard to how I am deadly? I would have to say with my my wit…hee. And yes, sometimes I hate the conclusions of certain books as I want them to never end. Thanks for posting, it’s always a pleasure to take my Robert break of beauty this lovely April.

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