National Poetry Month: April 15

same phrase¬†into the adjacent person, and so on. Until you get to the 1ooth (last) person who gets to say aloud the random repeated and now deformed phrase, e.g.: “Dad dressed in water that looked finally so defeated we wept.” And everyone has a great guffaw. Well, today I read Lucas Farrell’s “Stitches.” And this talented poet always slays me with the emotional content in his visceral word choices. His poetry I read over and over, listening to the subtle nuances and marveling at his deep, and unusual reverence to nature. So close he is, it seems like he lives outdoors! His poetry sings of that which we might never know. Much like our brother, poet Gary Snyder. Robert Vaughan reads “Stitches” by Lucas Farrell – YouTube What are your favorite childhood books? Can you remember any unsolvable questions you had as a child? Some you still marvel at?]]>

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