National Poetry Month: April 12

We Were Eternal and Gigantic at Magic Helicopter Press: Robert Vaughan reads “some haircuts” by Evelyn Hampton – YouTube cover art by Chelsea Martin When ┬áis the last time you had a remarkable haircut? How did it cling to bulwarks? Where was your gel when you most needed some? Are you still a mousse user and are afraid your friends will see you buying it at Rite-Aid? Love your hair- hope it wins.    ]]>

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: April 12”

  1. I got some great haircuts back in the early ’80’s. I was living in a little college town in western New York, and I had a dear friend who could really work those scissors.
    I don’t have as much hair now, and I get what’s there razor cut by a Mexican barber. Most days I go Sam Jackson style with a Kangol 504.

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