April: National Poetry Month

Microtones has launched! It published on March 7; my first collection of 24 prose & poems, from Cervena Barva Press in Boston. You can find the ordering information here, with a sample piece from the book, “Legacy”: I thank anyone who has purchased a copy, and those of you who let me know what you think, or gave me feedback already! Please help me share the news! The Lost Bookshelf Homepage. Also, Microtones received an amazing review, which the talented Christopher Allen wrote, and was published at the Fictionaut Book Reviews blog. Thanks, Chris and the wonderful comments and support I receive from the entire Fictionaut community: The Fictionaut Blog So, April is National Poetry Month! Last year, I wrote a first draft poem every day. This year, I will incorporate the Poetry theme into a video project: I’ll read a poem by another poet each day and post the link in various places: here, or at Tumblr, which is here: One Writer’s Life I’d like to thank Shawn Misener who started the Facebook group Mind-Swap for the idea, and getting me started early on this! Here is my first poem for April 1st: Robert Vaughan reads “Halley’s Comet” by Stanley Kunitz – YouTube We studied this poem at the Omega Institute with Marie Howe, an extra-ordinary poet. Stanley was one of her mentors, and I fell in love (more with Marie) and with this poem as we focused on its content, and Kunitz’s biographical details. I hope you enjoy! What poetry can you discover in your daily life? When is the last time you watched an entire sunrise or sunset?]]>

4 thoughts on “April: National Poetry Month”

  1. Wonderful!!! Congratulations. As far as the sunrise and sunset…sunrise – every time I shoot a commercial…LOL and sunset … I’ll have to think about that one. Regardless, so happy for you and much continued success!

    1. Thanks Andrea! xoxo Remember those sunsets we’d watch on rare occasions from the patio of the Courtney House 14th Street apartment? All the way west, toward New Jersey, stretching over the mighty Hudson. The glimmering streets of W. 14th shining with the freshly spilled blood of those meat markets. Ah, those were the days!

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