HUMP Hacked


An hour later, upon returning to our rental car, we immediately sensed something was wrong: a window had been punched in, and all of my CD’s (in ten or twenty-pack carrying cases) were stolen, as well as some other personal items. Seemed a huge violation then: but became an incident that I’d forgotten over the years since; until yesterday. My e-mail was hacked, as many of you know. It’s my own fault- I fell for one of those Yahoo reminders that even they tell you NOT TO DO…”we need your password to verify your yahoo account…” Yeah. Dumb. The sad part is we live in a day and age where people are desperate. When hackers are commonplace. I can’t tell you how many friends responded (thanks!) with concern, then to tell me: ‘We knew it wasn’t you, the writing of that letter was so bad!’ That made me feel slightly better. But still, for the friends and family who were unsure, I am deeply sorry. I’ve looked into gmail, and might leave yahoo after a decade with the same e-mail address. It feels scary, and yet change is good, right? Yes, change is good. And so, while I make these decisions, here are some worthy threads for your perusal: Deep gratitude to Patrick Simonelli who has included my two poems in the February Red Fez issue: In the February Cervena Barva Newsletter, there is a thoughtful review of Flash Fiction Fridays by writer Ralph Pennell: Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. You can also read more reviews of the book at Amazon: Flash Fiction Fridays: Robert Vaughan: 9781105460937: Books At AWP 2013 in Boston this March, one of the events I’ve been asked to read for is HEAT on Friday, March 8 at Dillon’s. A new Heat Flash Contest has been announced, judges are Bonnie Zobell, Cliff Garstang and Shaindell Beers. Winners to receive prizes, and be published in JMWW, Prime Number and Corium magazines: And speaking of AWP have you ordered your Meg Tuite Magnanimous Portrait original t-shirt yet? I know I have. How about your Whitman meet my Burroughs: “Cold Reads” is a Weekly podcast by Nathanial Tower. This week he reads “Medicine and Meat” by Len Kuntz: He has a new microphone: doesn’t Nate sound incredible! Flavorwire has “15 Essays by Female Writers Everyone Should Read.” Will you? Poet Cyrus Cassells latest epic book, The Crosssed-Out Swastika is featured at Writing The Holocaust by John Guzlowski. Four poems, link to reviews and a Rothko Chapel reading are all included: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review has a new format in which they will publish poems and fiction regularly. Here is a short fiction, “Easter,” by Abe Gaustad: The latest issue of Literary Orphans is published, congrats editor Mike Joyce: At A-Minor, Judith Skillman has three poems: Tim Suermondt has a poem in the new Meadowland Review, “The Day I Decided to Leave the World”: “Face Full of Asphalt” by Mathew Allan Garcia is up at Shotgun Honey: A great exchange with Nate Tower and Los Angeles based writer Joseph Grant: Michele Mcdannold has a new Citizens for Decent Literature, issue #5 out, with writers like Bud Smith, Michael Grover and Amy Sasser: Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Birthday dear sister, Cheryl! Also, do at least one kind, loving thing for someone today. Be daring! Unusual. What the world needs now, is love, sweet love! Thanks, Dionne, for that lovely reminder.]]>

6 thoughts on “HUMP Hacked”

  1. OY VEH! So sorry that happened too you. Poor Bette was so worried! LOVE THE HUMP! Thanks for keeping us up to snuff. (Go for gmail!).

  2. I was just thinking of family and friends and how fortunate I am to have so many lovely people in my life – even if I don’t see them often. You are one. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my friend.

  3. So glad to hear you’re not stuck in Manila with a need for money, Robert! I was pretty worried, but also wondered how you’d gotten from Mexico to Manila so quickly and, no, it didn’t seem like your writing. Congrats on the poems! b

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