HUMP Holla Gloria Mindock, publisher at Cervena Barva Press where my chapbook, Microtones, is forthcoming, is interviewed at Flash Fiction Chronicles by the illustrious Bonnie Zobell: Interview with Gloria Mindock at Červená Barva Press « Flash Fiction Chronicles My amazing boss at JMWW, Jen Michalski is interviewed at Necessary Fiction about her new book, Could You Be With Her Now, and so much more: Heather Fowler is the featured fiction writer at Connotation Press this month, thanks to wonderful editor Meg Tuite: And check out all the other recent goodies at CP here: Andrew Stancek is up at Fwriction Review with “Hush”: Bill Yarrow has two poems up at Scissors & Spackle: What’s getting all these Alt-Lit writers up in arms? This article at Vice: Interesting article about words at So Bad So Good: – .UPEBo1wwDO4.facebook The latest issue of The Collagist is pretty freaking great. Here is one story by Nathan Blake: She might hate me for this, but she might not. xTx is the guest at Brad Listi’s Other People podcast: My buddy, Bud Smith is also in this fiction issue at Connotation Press: Robert Garcia has a story, “Sinking,” in the latest Wilderness House Literary Review: Stay warm. Huddle. Study penguins if you’ve forgotten how. Better than football. Happy Birthday my dear brother, Michael. Thanks for your recent visit. Know you are loved.]]>

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