HUMP birthdays Also here is another anticipated list at The Millions, which my book is not on, but I still respect: Red Fez has published an issue devoted to the recent happenings in Newtown, Connecticut. Two of my poems are included, “adversity,” and “In Sandy Hook.” I am deeply honored and thanks editor Patrick Simonelli!: Timothy Gager has kicked off a project in 2013: New Graffiti- The Original. He’s asked writers to select the most gritty story ever written. And what a stunner Meg Tuite has brought with “Thirteen”: Matt Potter has released his novel-in-stories called Gorge from Pure Slush. It’s 33 writers who weave stories about a restaurant, Café Guano, set in remote Maine. The story takes place all in about twelve hours or less and the result is action packed, crazy, lustful and made me laugh aloud several times during the two days it took for me to devour it. I have three stories included also:;jsessionid=12DDDAB309062FAFC476E7A3A1DECCE5\ Gessy Alvarez has a stunning story up at Camroc Press Review: Tara Laskowski is up at Flash Fiction Chronicles with her New Year Writing Resolutions: Mary Stone Dockery has a new poem, “I Can Leave You Like I Leave” up at Saudade Review: At Nate Tower’s blog (he’s also the editor at Bartelby Snopes) he covers the recent bullshit that friend and writer Timothy Gager had to deal with: If you missed this earlier in January, do visit the lastest fiction from master Kathy Fish at Connotation Press. Editor Meg Tuite has created her magic here: Since it is still early enough in January, what are your plans for 2013? For your writing? For your personal life? What are you here to do? Are you already doing it, on the path, so they say? Who are you?      ]]>

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