HUMP back 2) IN THOSE DAYS WE- Released!!! Writers include Meg Tuite, Len Kuntz, David Tomaloff, Ryan Bradley, Molly Gaudry, Marcus Speh, Parker Tettleton, Chadwick Reddon, Jesse Bradley, J.A. Tyler, Ben tanzer, Kyle Hemmings, Robert Kloss, Norman Lock, Kathryn Rantala, Andrew Borgstrom, and me. I have two pieces in this anthology- “Buried,” and “California Tan.” Thanks editor, Jennifer Tomaloff!!! 3) My flash fiction “In it to Win It” is included in Fast Forward Press’s FLASH 101: Surviving the Fiction Apocalypse. Thanks to Stacy, Kona and editorial team: 4) Issue 9, The Collaborative Issue of Red Lightbulbs, is online: 5) My badass boss at JMWW, Jen Michalski interviews Paula Bomer in “Bringing Up Babies,” at Nervous Breakdown: 6) Extie Ex provokes like no other at Nothing to Say with “Hymen Big Trouble”: 7) David Tomaloff has a strong and amazing piece at Necessary Fiction, thanks to that guy, Ben again: 8) This is one helluva poem by Jeanann Verlee, “Unsolicited Advice to Adolscent Girls with Crooked Teeth and Pink Hair.” Thanks Michael Gillian Maxwell for sending me the link: 9) Lynn Neary’s article “Independent Bookstores Find Their Footing” is up at NPR: 10) Impossible Mike writes “The Obsolescence of Publish or Perish: How to Get (& Keep) Attention” at HTMLGiant: 11) Josh Denslow is at The Lit Pub with his essay on The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. Well, some of it, anyhow: 12) ‘Tis the season, so they say, and here are the fortunate NEA Grants awarded to some great writing talents: I love getting new books. I still experience that over-stimulated feeling, like when my mother would take my little sister and me to our local library and we were allowed to bring home no more than five books. Yesterday a book I’d long anticipated arrived “Fire In the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz.” To say DW is one of my mentors is a given. I am one of the fortunate folks to have known him in real life. Needless to say, I’m devouring this book like some exotic treat. What are you reading? Does it engage you? Enthrall you? Bore you?]]>

HUMP defenders A new flash fiction of mine called “Modern Day Symphony” is published at Midway Journal. Thanks editor Ralph Pennel! Here is a great interview with Gloria Mindock, fantastic poet and editor at Cervena Barva Press. It appeared at Levure Litteraire: Also, Two Colors of the Soul: The Selected Poetry of Dmytro Pavlychko is available at Cervena Barva Press: – Two%20Colors%20of%20the%20Soul And, this from editor, Gloria Mindock: Len Kuntz takes on theme of Fame at Pure Slush with “Fame Like a Drug”: Terry Lucas brings us a poet he encounters in The Widening Spell” Best American Poetry 2012: James Kimbrell at The Party: Lynn Melnick’s If I Should Say I Have Hope at YesYes Books: John Penner writes about Poet Jack Gilbert’s time of triumph and loss. R.I.P. Jack, and thanks for your many influences: – section/-1/article/p2p-73271613/  (Thanks Dorianne Laux and Sara Commito for the link!) And here are two Gilbert poems, originally published at Granta: Two poems | New Writing | Granta Magazine Joani Reese flashes with a little poetry at Pithead Chapel, edited by Keith and Molly: Matthew Sherling reads his own work at SPACES: Bonnie Zobell throws down her vast knowledge about chapbooks at Flash Fiction Chronicles: Chapbooks « Flash Fiction Chronicles Polari Magazine has an interesting piece, 2400 Years of Homosexuality in China By Christopher Bryant: Claudia Smith brings it at Wigleaf with “Hula”: Roxane Gay and xTx mix gender pieces at HOBART: There are rare moments in a writer’s life, when a feeling of accomplishment fills one with satisfaction. I had this sense yesterday, when my copy of Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry arrived. My poem, “Levitation,” is included among such gorgeous, stunning art images and moving, stellar poems. Kudos to the editors, Agnes Marton and Harriette Fowler. Here is a photo, and you can find out more about it here: Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry by Harriette Lawler: Arts & Photography | Blurb Books So we’re sliding toward the holiday season at a vast clip. What can you do to stay balanced for the next month? What’s one thing you can do for yourself that might help?]]>

HUMP Votes Kevin Sampsell amazes us with his “I Know Who Raped You Last Summer” up at The Good Men Project: New issue of Corium Magazine has dropped with great fiction edited by Lauren Becker and poems selected by Heather Fowler: Camroc Press Review publishes some wonderful short fiction, with Barry Basden at the helm. Here are James Claffey’s latest: At Connotation Press, fiction editor Meg Tuite brings us the gifted writing of Gloria Garfunkel, and the interview is stellar: Josh Denslow’s “Consumption” intoxicates at A-Minor: Horror still in your veins from Halloween? Then mosey on over to Artistically Declined Press, where Ryan Bradley brings you thirteen:reanimated by the forever surprising David Tomaloff: Beate Sigriddaughter selected J.A. Pak’s story, “Miranda,” as the winner of the Twelfth Glass Woman Prize: Romney loses the 2012 Presidential Election: Obama wins the 2012 Presidential Election: Let’s all hope this nation called America, as diverse as we are, might continue to work toward forward compromise, and progression. Let’s build this country into the safe haven that it has the potential to be, and love not only our neighbors, but ourselves.]]>