HUMP it up! Contributors include Len Kuntz, Meg Tuite, Eryk Wenziak, Helen Vitoria, Alex Pruteanu, Nate Tower, Laurel Landis, Bill Yarrow, Agnes Marton, Christopher Allen, Sheldon Lee Compton, Gessy Alvarez, Sam Virzi, Justin F. Ridgeway, and Sara Peterson. TV’s New Gay Couples- Progress or Cliches? up at The Good Men project: Paul Lisicky’s new book, Unbuilt Projects, is available: To say that Gloria Mindock is busy is like saying, “it might rain today,” during a monsoon. Check out the latest news at Cervena Barva Press: Jane Hammons is up at Metazen with a new Headstone (for Michael 1952-2004): Scott McClanahan gets grilled at Oxford American by James Williamson: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Scott McClanahan :: Oxford American – The Southern Magazine of Good Writing Cheryl at Apocrypha & Abstractions likes them quirky, but she likes them great, too. Here’s Gessy Alvarez with her latest: Joseph Quintela dishes at Discordia with So Old It’s New: Then check out his new artwork in A-Minor Magazine: Matthew Sherling has two new pieces up at Have U Seen My Whale #4: Patrick Ryan in Granta with “Grand Mal”: (thanks for the link, Loren!) At HTMLGiant, an anonymous reviewer of Frank Hinton’s (of Metazen) new Action, Figure: James Claffey brings it at Necessary Fiction with the birdcage: Necessary Fiction Don’t hold your breath, it’s just another debate! They come, and they go, like everything else in life.]]>

8 thoughts on “HUMP it up!”

  1. Hump it up when you don’t really need it. Hump it up until you can feel it.
    I too toy with the idea of DJ’ing in my own coffee shop. And so many other career ideas. FUN! Thanks for the wonderful post, keeping us all in the know!

  2. Yup, DJ or performer. Oh wait, I already do that, and you asked what I MIGHT be doing if not this. Traveling around the world?

  3. Musician/singer/songwriter of the Americana guitars, mandolins, string band variety, protagonist Mugsy Phlegmming in my own detective noir spoof, photo journalist, or maker of hand made artist’s books. Thanks for posing the question. I may continue to ponder this for the rest of the day.

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