HUMPTY HUMP DAY 2) And Jen Michalski has a piece, “The Goodbye Party” up at The Literarian: 3) Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet for September is up at Used Furniture Review. This month is a collaboration with Meg, Neil Servin, Misti Rainwater-Lites and Aleathia Drehmer: 4) Poets & Writers Sept/Oct issue has this article called Enduring Discovery: Marriage, Parenthood, and Poetry by Brenda Shaughnessy and Craig Morgan Teicher: 5) Available today: Short, Fast & Deadly’s September issue, “Floor Plan.” Includes writing by Bill Yarrow, Eryk Wenziak and many other talents! Get yours here:          – Short, Fast, and Deadly 6) James Robison with two lovely poems in The 2River View: 7) Mia Avramut has two stunning poems in Marco Polo: 8) MaryAnne Kolton’s inspiring interview with Charlotte Rogan at Lifeboat: 9) Zach Ellis is moved by Lidia Yuknavitch’s Dora: The Headcase: 10) James Claffey waxes at Word Riot: And thanks to fellow writer, Sam Snoek-Brown, whose similar wrap-up this week mentioned (of all writers?) me! ***Bonus: “Hate Mail” by Carol Muske-Dukes up at Boston Review: ***Super Bonus: “You are Beautiful” by Dorothea Lasky at Poetry Daily: (thanks, Rachel, for the inspiration! And congrats about your MFA plans!)]]>

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  1. I got humpty humped!! Whohoo!!! Thanks Robert!!! Rachel
    From: One Writer’s Life Reply-To: One Writer’s Life Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 4:41 PM To: Rachel Heimowitz Subject: [New post] HUMPTY HUMP DAY rgv7735 posted: “Hello friends! It’s that time of year again, days are getting shorter, nights longer. The chill is in the air, smells of singed leaves and wet fields. And yet, through the stunning season we call fall, there is always great reads on the world wide web: “

  2. Those two poems at the end of this blog are both stunning, and both poets I did not formerly know. So, thanks for turning me on to them!

  3. What a great portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your blog and want to say that seriously enjoy your weblog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing for your feeds and look forward to your next Hump blog.

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