HUMP Happy Day!

There’s No Place Like Home by Robert Vaughan | Metazen Also, my poem, The Thief is up at Fictionaut: “The Thief” by Robert Vaughan — Fictionaut 2)  Always amazing James Claffey up at Cobalt Review: 3)  Bartelby Snopes has a great new story by Samuel Snoek- Brown: 4)  At Cutty Spot, Matthew Sherling reviews poet Frank O’Hara: 5) Gill Hoffs gets down with adorable Christopher Allen about his NEW BOOK: 6) Micah Ling is up at with these two poems: 7) Jules Archer stuns in the best way with 50 Shades of WTF: 8) Two lovely poems by Stevie Edwards up at A-Minor: 9) Blue Fifth Review has a brilliant new all-poetry issue: 10) In addition to Christopher Allen’s new book, (Conversations with S. Teri O’ Type A Satire) it was announced yesterday by Paula Bomer at Sententia Books that Meg Tuite’s Implosion, is forthcoming in 2013!!! Congratulations, Christopher and Meg! conversations with s. teri o’type Sententia Books And I have to mention that of course we remember. We will always remember.]]>

14 thoughts on “HUMP Happy Day!”

  1. First and most importantly, thanks for all the news, Robert! I’m actually working on a similar post right now, and I’m totally cribbing some of these announcements!
    But also: Hey! Thanks for the shout-out about my story! 🙂

  2. This was really an interesting and informative blog post. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing all the great information.

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