HUMP Kippur Thanks editor and friend Nancy Freund. Also, my short fiction, “Cat’s Pajamas,” is at Fictionaut:–2. Formerly appeared at 52/250 and Connotation Press. Thanks editors Michelle Elvy and Meg Tuite. Blue Five Notebook’s Blue Collection: Music issue is live: Mathieu Cailler has this gorgeous piece at Two Hawks Quarterly: Hit and Stay – Two Hawks Quarterly | Two Hawks Quarterly Smokelong Quarterly airs Issue #37: Howie Good has new signature poetry at Golden Sparrow Magazine: Poet Marc Vincenz has two new gems in the latest Revolution House: Polari Magazine features Michael Langan’s interview with performance artist Matt Fennemore about queer arts pioneer David Wojnarowicz, one of my largest mentors and literary influences: Spenser Davis reviews Dorothea Lasky’s new poetry book, Thunderbird, at The Rumpus: Matthew Sherling’s words at Cutty Spot about Edward Mullany’s If I Falter At The Gallows: (P.S. I am currently reading this collection and love it!!! Thanks, Matt!) Writer Christopher Allen is probed gently by Martha Williams about his fabulous new book, Conversations with S. Teri O’Type: Erin Fitzgerald is up at Matchbook: And that’s all she wrote (not Erin, just the cliche!). Get on out there before you no longer can.]]>

HUMPTY HUMP DAY 2) And Jen Michalski has a piece, “The Goodbye Party” up at The Literarian: 3) Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet for September is up at Used Furniture Review. This month is a collaboration with Meg, Neil Servin, Misti Rainwater-Lites and Aleathia Drehmer: 4) Poets & Writers Sept/Oct issue has this article called Enduring Discovery: Marriage, Parenthood, and Poetry by Brenda Shaughnessy and Craig Morgan Teicher: 5) Available today: Short, Fast & Deadly’s September issue, “Floor Plan.” Includes writing by Bill Yarrow, Eryk Wenziak and many other talents! Get yours here:          – Short, Fast, and Deadly 6) James Robison with two lovely poems in The 2River View: 7) Mia Avramut has two stunning poems in Marco Polo: 8) MaryAnne Kolton’s inspiring interview with Charlotte Rogan at Lifeboat: 9) Zach Ellis is moved by Lidia Yuknavitch’s Dora: The Headcase: 10) James Claffey waxes at Word Riot: And thanks to fellow writer, Sam Snoek-Brown, whose similar wrap-up this week mentioned (of all writers?) me! ***Bonus: “Hate Mail” by Carol Muske-Dukes up at Boston Review: ***Super Bonus: “You are Beautiful” by Dorothea Lasky at Poetry Daily: (thanks, Rachel, for the inspiration! And congrats about your MFA plans!)]]>

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There’s No Place Like Home by Robert Vaughan | Metazen Also, my poem, The Thief is up at Fictionaut: “The Thief” by Robert Vaughan — Fictionaut 2)  Always amazing James Claffey up at Cobalt Review: 3)  Bartelby Snopes has a great new story by Samuel Snoek- Brown: 4)  At Cutty Spot, Matthew Sherling reviews poet Frank O’Hara: 5) Gill Hoffs gets down with adorable Christopher Allen about his NEW BOOK: 6) Micah Ling is up at with these two poems: 7) Jules Archer stuns in the best way with 50 Shades of WTF: 8) Two lovely poems by Stevie Edwards up at A-Minor: 9) Blue Fifth Review has a brilliant new all-poetry issue: 10) In addition to Christopher Allen’s new book, (Conversations with S. Teri O’ Type A Satire) it was announced yesterday by Paula Bomer at Sententia Books that Meg Tuite’s Implosion, is forthcoming in 2013!!! Congratulations, Christopher and Meg! conversations with s. teri o’type Sententia Books And I have to mention that of course we remember. We will always remember.]]>

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“Before and After” by Robert Vaughan — Fictionaut And thanks, especially this week, for these: 1) Flavorwire’s most Beautiful Literary Magazines Online: 2)  Dear friend Nancy Freund guest edits Necessary Fiction for September, and starts with this great essay, “Movement is the Meaning of Life:” 3) Get your groove on, read UP, Sweet Fix, Issue 5: 4) New NAP guest edited by Janey Smith: 5) Riveting new work, “Debriefing,” by E.C. Osondu at Guernica: 6) My pal, Berit Ellingsen reviews another pal, Tania Hershman’s fantastic flash book, My Mother Was An Upright Piano: 7) Gregory Sherl’s new collection, Monogamy Songs, is sure to stun. Pre-orders here at Future Tense: 8) Sarah Carson has 4 Poems at Spork Press: 9) The Lit Pub has a new review of Dora: A Headcase by Lidia Yuknavitch. A must read: 10) Goddess Dorianne Laux brings it at Raleigh Review with “The Nakedness of Things:” 10a) Sweet poet/pal Rachel Heimowitz has two inspirational poems in this new edition of Silent Revelations Press (Issue Two) from editor Heidi Sampson: Silent Revelations Press (Issue Two): Rachel Heimowitz,Diana Woods,Cassie Ciopryna,Jennifer Gibson,Jay Asher,Heidi Sampson: Kindle Store Bonus’s this week: * Ann Bogle is up at Camroc Press Review with three gems: * Frank Hinton is interviewed at Creepy Faggot (yeah, not crazy about that site name!): * This just in: An Interview with Caitlin Moran at The Hairpin: An Interview With Caitlin Moran | The Hairpin Experience life, taste it now, it waits for you with baited breath.]]>