HUMP it UP! Also, check out this gorgeous postcard project at Float Press! I am so thrilled to be included in their 2012 August Postcard Project: Robert Vaughan 2) Christopher Allen, writer and sweet friend has a new book. Check it out here. You simply must, it’s a secret tip. Expect a full launch in September: Conversations with S. Teri O’Type (a Satire) (9781479160259): Christopher Allen: Books 2)  Jordan Blum gets slanted by Michelle Reale at Flash Fiction Chronicles: – .UDxYJJgNtiU.facebook 3) Nicolette Wong is up at Thrush with her lovely poem: 4) Poets who are looking for a great workshop, or submission opportunities, courtesy of Ellen Bass: 5) Bill Lantry waxes the literary life at Stymie: 6) Frank Hinton has a new book, Action, Figure, and Beach Sloth reviews it: 7) Brad Listi of Nervous Breakdown gets down with Elizabeth Ellen at Other People, a podcast: 8) Roxane Gay brings it with The Illusion of Safety/The Safety of Illusion at The Rumpus: 9) Matthew Baker interviews literary huckster Michael Martone at htmlgiant: – more-69483 10) Teniece Durrant Delgado’s gorgeous new chapbook, Burden of Solace, is now available at the Cervena Barva Press bookstore: And check out all the great writing at the latest La Petite Zine: Issue 30 · 21st Century Cosmetic Cool – La Petite Zine And that’s all she wrote (or he will write?) Get out and have some fun in the sun. P.S. I am adding this on Sunday, and it seems to co-ordinate with the line I wrote previously. This is an eloquent story from Carol Blue, wife of amazing writer Christopher Hitchens. R.I. P. brilliant man: Christopher Hitchens: an impossible act to follow – Telegraph]]>

10 thoughts on “HUMP it UP!”

  1. Always the best blog I read all week! Great information and your story at Fictionaut was exquisite, Robert. Keep writing these beauties!

  2. Fantastic work, RGV. I always like your posts best when they include links to your personal writing or the radio show. Congrats!

  3. Your story at Fictionaut is SHAZZAM! What a great dream reverie, how do you do it? Fantastic one, and to have it at Necessary Fiction? Score.

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