Hump Gold And here are so many other juicy nuggets of writing around the world wide web: 1) Jimmy Chen’s Sunday diary entry. I’m just sayin… 2) How to be Friends with Another Woman by Roxane Gay: 3) Aaron Teel tells all in “Cliches,” at Smokelong Quarterly: 4) Check out the goodies in this issue of Heavy Feather Review 1.2: 5) The August newsletter of Cervena Barva Press comes loaded with great literary information, from angel and kickass publisher/writer Gloria Mindock: 6) Len Kuntz, my prolific author buddy, is everywhere, even when he’s not. Here are two of his flash pieces in Downer Magazine: Then, this newbie, part of xTx’s Supermodel Summer: NOTHING TO SAY: SUPERMODEL SUMMER!! 7) Purpose by Sheldon Compton is up at Metazen: And then, if you liked this as much as I did, check out his meaty collection here, at Foxhead Books: 8) Two Fictions by Brandi Wells in the July/ August Elimae (okay, I’m a little slow, but, like all of her work, these are amazing: 9) Just when you started thinking it all makes sense, along comes Parker Tettleton to shake, rattle and roll. He’s up at Untoward: 10) You won’t forget “I’m jumping off the bridge” at The Salon, by Kevin Sampsell: Bonus: FRiGG’s summer Twitter issue. Check out Jules Archer and xTx and more: Super Bonus: Zoe Zolbrod chimes in on female Olympic Boxers: Special mention: Four Poems by Melissa Broder at BOMBLog: BOMBLOG: Four Poems by Melissa Broder]]>

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  1. Loving your Hump gold post, Robert! You give so many writers a “voice” in the online community. I admire that, and you.

  2. A fool’s gold, who doesn’t read this blog, my friend! Fantastic information, so creative, it blows me away.

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