HUMP it UP! Also, check out this gorgeous postcard project at Float Press! I am so thrilled to be included in their 2012 August Postcard Project: Robert Vaughan 2) Christopher Allen, writer and sweet friend has a new book. Check it out here. You simply must, it’s a secret tip. Expect a full launch in September: Conversations with S. Teri O’Type (a Satire) (9781479160259): Christopher Allen: Books 2)  Jordan Blum gets slanted by Michelle Reale at Flash Fiction Chronicles: – .UDxYJJgNtiU.facebook 3) Nicolette Wong is up at Thrush with her lovely poem: 4) Poets who are looking for a great workshop, or submission opportunities, courtesy of Ellen Bass: 5) Bill Lantry waxes the literary life at Stymie: 6) Frank Hinton has a new book, Action, Figure, and Beach Sloth reviews it: 7) Brad Listi of Nervous Breakdown gets down with Elizabeth Ellen at Other People, a podcast: 8) Roxane Gay brings it with The Illusion of Safety/The Safety of Illusion at The Rumpus: 9) Matthew Baker interviews literary huckster Michael Martone at htmlgiant: – more-69483 10) Teniece Durrant Delgado’s gorgeous new chapbook, Burden of Solace, is now available at the Cervena Barva Press bookstore: And check out all the great writing at the latest La Petite Zine: Issue 30 · 21st Century Cosmetic Cool – La Petite Zine And that’s all she wrote (or he will write?) Get out and have some fun in the sun. P.S. I am adding this on Sunday, and it seems to co-ordinate with the line I wrote previously. This is an eloquent story from Carol Blue, wife of amazing writer Christopher Hitchens. R.I. P. brilliant man: Christopher Hitchens: an impossible act to follow – Telegraph]]>

HUMP Day Behind! 2) My poet friend Rachel Heimowitz tipped me to this amazing Vogue article about poet Sharon Olds: – 1 3) One of my favorite writers, Lidia Yuknavitch stirs it up with “Explicit Violence” at The Rumpus: 4) My former boss, Dan Pallotta, writes about what really happened with former company Pallotta Teamworks: – disqus_thread 5) Alex Pruteanu has a wonderful piece, “Some of Life” up at The Bookends Review. And word on the street is that editor Jason is looking for submissions: 6) Three refreshing poems by Bill Yarrow at Moira Poetry: 7) Helen Vitoria brings panache with her latest, “Phoebe,” at Fwriction Review: 8) A marvelous exchange with writers Christopher Allen and Marcus Speh at I Must Be Off: 9) Amazing friend and brilliant writer Julie Innis now has her very own Facebook Author Page. Join it before you lose sleep: 10) Amy J. Clark is fiction contest winner at Solstice with “Rheumatic Fever:” I want to thank Michael Gillian Maxwell for making my first JMWW Flash Fiction course one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! His enthusiasm, willingness to try new approaches, coaching/communication skills and natural talent all added up to the highlight, and surprise of my summer. Thanks, Jen Michalski for suggesting this, and Michael, for signing on.]]>

HUMPin' On 2) Sheldon Compton is this week’s Fictionaut Five: 3) The new A5 series at Short, Fast, and Deadly includes chaps from Meg Tuite and Eryk Wezniak, among others: 4) Summer MiCrow is out with writing from Nicollete Wong, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Len Kuntz, Dorothee Lang and many more: 5) Jason Sanford announces the winners of the 2012 storySouth Million Writers Awards. Congrats xTx, I knew you would win: 6) Alex Pruteanu reminds us of how he feels he got started with his PANK story, “May Day” (a treat to listen to his reading, too!): 7) Meg Tuite pulls out another amazing Exquisite Quartet, including writers Deborah Henry, Erin Zulkowski and Clifford Garstang: 8) Brad Listi does Steve Roggenbuck in his Episode 96 at Other People: 9) The new Dogzplot is out: 10) Marcus Speh reveals plans for his debut collection of short fiction at his relatively new, stunning blog: 11) Christopher Allen shares his wondrously unique travel story at I Must Be Off: One of my favorite indy bookstores, Adobe Books in San Francisco, is going out of business at the end of this month. Good-bye, Adobe, and thanks for being the store I purchased every single edition of Anais Nin’s Diaries. Here is the article about Adobe, and more indies in that lovely city by the sea: Book Ends – The Bold Italic – San Francisco And that is all for now. Get out and enjoy the day!]]>

Hump Gold And here are so many other juicy nuggets of writing around the world wide web: 1) Jimmy Chen’s Sunday diary entry. I’m just sayin… 2) How to be Friends with Another Woman by Roxane Gay: 3) Aaron Teel tells all in “Cliches,” at Smokelong Quarterly: 4) Check out the goodies in this issue of Heavy Feather Review 1.2: 5) The August newsletter of Cervena Barva Press comes loaded with great literary information, from angel and kickass publisher/writer Gloria Mindock: 6) Len Kuntz, my prolific author buddy, is everywhere, even when he’s not. Here are two of his flash pieces in Downer Magazine: Then, this newbie, part of xTx’s Supermodel Summer: NOTHING TO SAY: SUPERMODEL SUMMER!! 7) Purpose by Sheldon Compton is up at Metazen: And then, if you liked this as much as I did, check out his meaty collection here, at Foxhead Books: 8) Two Fictions by Brandi Wells in the July/ August Elimae (okay, I’m a little slow, but, like all of her work, these are amazing: 9) Just when you started thinking it all makes sense, along comes Parker Tettleton to shake, rattle and roll. He’s up at Untoward: 10) You won’t forget “I’m jumping off the bridge” at The Salon, by Kevin Sampsell: Bonus: FRiGG’s summer Twitter issue. Check out Jules Archer and xTx and more: Super Bonus: Zoe Zolbrod chimes in on female Olympic Boxers: Special mention: Four Poems by Melissa Broder at BOMBLog: BOMBLOG: Four Poems by Melissa Broder]]>


Hello everyone and happy August! Whether or not you enjoy the Olympics, it is challenging not to get caught up in the stories, the legacies, the triumphs and defeats. And favorite sports? I tend to find a fascination with those covered less by media: fencing, judo, water polo, equestrian. And yet, I have to admit, I’ve snuck a peek at gymnastics, soccer, cycling, swimming…okay, wait. I’ll admit it. I’m a junkie! But not so much that I couldn’t find ten or more things to keep your reading muscles engaged: 1) Kyle Schruder, my co-editer at Lost in Thought magazine, gives us a teaser of issue #3: 2) Timothy Gager is up at Matchbook: 3) Issue 2 of Literary Orphans, includes Anna March’s first published poem! Also work by Meg Tuite, Stephen V. Ramey, Nicolette Wong, Howie Good, and many more: 4) Roxane Gay has a new piece up at Booth; A Journal: 5) These three poems from Sam Rasnake at fwriction; review just slay me: 6) Extie Ecks’s Supermodel Summer continues at Nothing to Say, with Joe Kapitan’s “Wheels:” 7) Colson Whitehead’s “How to Write” in NY Times Sunday Book Review: 8) Joseph Quintela brings it all in July’s Short, Fast and Deadly (Stolen Plums): 9) James Claffey shares his writing savvy at Flash Fiction Chronicles: 10a) Take your time picking through this delish list at Huffington Post, compiled by Jane Harris: 10b) The Big Other is devoting posts to “Pillars of Truth” and this is by Johannes Goransson: Check out some of the big other posts while visiting, including a birthday tribute to Willliam Gass. 10c) Connotation Press, among the elite of online (and soon to be print?) magazines, does their fiction and poetry “retrospective issue” courtesy of Meg Tuite and Kaite Hillenbrand (among many other fine editors). And check out that great mug of chieftain Ken Robidoux: This just in: Poets & Writers create a comprehensive list of best books for writers: Best Books for Writers | Poets and Writers ***Bonus: Books I’ve recently read that I highly recommend: Blue Rust– Joe Millar (poetry): Book of Men– Dorianne Laux (poetry): Three Squares a Day with Occasional Torture– Julie Innis (stories):