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Wisconsin People & Ideas. An article about Flash Fiction, and four of my short fiction stories: Flash Fiction 101 | Also, my interview with Julie Innis about her new book, Three Squares a Day with Occasional Torture (that title alone ought to give you an inkling!), up at Heavy Feather Review. Thanks Jason Teal, for the ask and host/site, Heavy Feather Review: Just in Case There Are Any Odd Little Paste-eating Girls Reading This, I’d Like to Give Them Some Small Ray of Hope: An Interview with Julie Innis | Heavy Feather Review Gay Degani has created another Short Fiction Short Story Links in honor of Short Story Month at Flash Fiction Chronicles. My story is listed at #50 of this great summer reading list. It’s “Ten Notes to the Guy Studying Jujitsu” and appeared at Orion headless, edited by Sara Comito: 134+ Short Story Links in Honor of Short Story Month 2012 « Flash Fiction Chronicles My poem, a nod to Simon Perchik, “They were reaching for their mother’s breath” was published in May’s  Short, Fast and Deadly. Thanks editor, Joseph Quintela! Short, Fast, and Deadly And, in case you missed it, May Flash Fiction Friday show, theme of “SURPRISE,” in which I read Scott McClanahan’s “The First Time I Made Diamonds.” Thanks, co-host, Stephanie Lecci.Lake Effect: Surprise! It’s Flash Fiction Friday! Also, the Flash Fiction Fridays book is available at Amazon and selling well. Get your copy now, and thanks everyone who has supported the show and book: Flash Fiction Fridays (9781105460937): Robert Vaughan: Books And that’s it for now! Happy Spring everyone…take a walk today. Get outdoors!]]>

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  1. Marie Howe, Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux! Wow. I will need details, Robert. I couldn’t agree more with your beautiful statement about poets, and poetry: “when there are forty of us gathered in one room, or place, the world feels better to me.”

  2. Look at you go, sir! I admire your commitment to your craft and you are already so talented. Keep it up, RV!

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