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Fictionaut Reading, KGB Bar: Bogle, Vaughan, Vitoria, Yarrow – YouTube And because you’ve asked,  here is the link to the piece I read at KGB Bar, “Ten Notes to the Guy Studying Jujitsu” (scroll all the way down to the last piece): Dualities | Orion headless. Thanks editor, Sara Comito!!! 2) Christopher Allen’s “When Chase Prays Chocolate” at Smokelong Quarterly Also, Joani Reese won the Patricia McFarland Memorial Prize at FFC with “The Cost” 3)    Roxane Gay waxes on the Sandusky verdict at The Salon: 4) The Lit Pub announces the 1st Annual Prose Contest: 5)   JMWW’s Summer 2012 issue is filled with goodies: Thanks Jen Michalski and other editors for another great issue! 6)   Check out the new issue of THRUSH, with the likes of Extie Ex, and Alex Pruteanu, and all kinds of other great work! 7) Fantastic reading in the guest edited Scissors and Spackle, kudos to Joani Reese and her assembled writers: 8) Have you checked out Supermodel Summer over at Nothing to Say, xTx’s blog yet: 9) DJ Berndt brings it with his brilliance in Untoward Magazine: 10) Andrew Stancek has a great story up at r.kv.r.y: Well, that’s all for now. Another installment of HUMP Day, brought to you by Nabisco.]]>

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Two Smiles « A-Minor Also, great news: Eryk Wezniak is now Art Editor at A-Minor! Kudos, Eryk! What a great addition. 2) xTx has posted the first supermodel  summer read with TIM JONES-YELVINGTON WAS A SUPERMODEL!!! Too fab for words! NOTHING TO SAY: SUPERMODEL SUMMER! 2a) Also, take in poet Alex Dimitrov’s “Kill Your Boyfriends,” up at Floating Wolf Quarterly: Floating Wolf Quarterly #9 — Alex Dimitrov 3) Best pal, Meg Tuite goes deeper than the ocean floor in this stunning portrait of Her Mother’s Daughter: Her Mother’s Daughter | Psychology Today 4) James Claffey stings with these 3 whimsical Tales from Normal Street up at A Bad Penny Review: Tales from Normal Street – A Bad Penny Review | A Bad Penny Review And while you are at it, wish him a happy birthday! 5) Roxane Gay, at Pen & Ink: Pen & Ink 6) Sam Rasnake, my buddy, who champions other artist’s work more than possibly anyone I know, is up at POETSartists: Sam Rasnake « POETSArtists 7) Tim Suermondt’s “Taking the First Shot After a Three-Month Absence” is up at The Literary Bohemian: Taking the First Shot After a Three-Year Absence | Poetry | The Literary Bohemian 8) The genius gifts of Dorianne Laux, up at combustus: “All Poetry is Preparation for Death.” ~Dorianne Laux | combustus 9) A fantastic review of Sententia magazine, issue 4, the all women’s issue: Literary Magazine Reviews :: :: June 2012 10) My pal, Michael Seidel’s “The Old-Fashioneds,”  is up at Metazen! The Old Fashioneds by Michael Seidel | Metazen Way to go, Michael! And that, my friends, is a wrap! See you in the Big Apple this weekend!]]>

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Foxhead Books. Also the talented Christopher Allen writes a stunning review at his fantastic blog, I must be off! Three Squares a Day with Occasional Torture by Julie Innis, a book review by Christopher Allen. And if that isn’t enough, head on over to THE HAPPY KILLJOY – More Thoughts on “Three Squares”. 2) Then, while you are visiting Foxhead Books, check out Sheldon Compton’s The Same Terrible Storm. Sheldon recently had a book launch with publisher Stephen Marlowe, and blogs about it here: The Book Launch and Baked Beans 3) Gill Hoffs new book Wild is out! This collection is sure to be amazing! And read what Marcus Speh says in his review: Wild by Gill Hoffs (Paperback) 4) While there, check out Vestal Aversion by Matt Potter (Paperback)!!! 31 stories in all, bound to make you double over with laughter! Matt is currently on a world tour and I can’t wait to meet him at the KGB event next Saturday, June 23. 5) It’s Gay Pride Month (JUNE) and so, here is a writer friend’s blog: Chicks & Dicks: Gay Pride, Fathers Day and a Gay Father and Son… by Rick R. Reed 6) Connotation Press puts out an amazing mid-June 2012 issue. Congratulations to the fine editors, writers, and Ken Robidoux, the man with extra-ordinary vision. | A Note From Meg Tuite, Fiction Editor 7) MaryAnne Kolton interviews Kathryn Harrison at Los Angeles Review of Books! And what a profound, and insightful job she does! Los Angeles Review of Books – I Want To Destroy Your Equilibrium 8) New Corey Zeller at a l i c e     b l u e! Also, Poet Nicolette Wong’s magic words at Escape into Life Nicolette Wong | Escape Into Life 9) Recently while I attended the Truth & Beauty Poetry Conference, dear friend Rachel turned me on to poet Li Young-Lee and sent me this stunning archived reading: Lannan Podcasts » Li-Young Lee, Reading, 29 March 2000 – Video 10) My sweet friend and publisher, Gloria Mindock, at Cervena Barva Press, published her latest Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. And if you don’t already have Gloria’s amazing latest book, Nothing Divine Here, then you must get it! Cervena Barva Press Poetry Homepage Gloria Mindock Editor And that, my friends, is a wrap! Don’t forget you can get Flash Fiction Fridays at Amazon! Flash Fiction Fridays (9781105460937): Robert Vaughan: Books See you in New York City next weekend. Be there, or be… well, you know!!!]]>

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Wisconsin People & Ideas. An article about Flash Fiction, and four of my short fiction stories: Flash Fiction 101 | Also, my interview with Julie Innis about her new book, Three Squares a Day with Occasional Torture (that title alone ought to give you an inkling!), up at Heavy Feather Review. Thanks Jason Teal, for the ask and host/site, Heavy Feather Review: Just in Case There Are Any Odd Little Paste-eating Girls Reading This, I’d Like to Give Them Some Small Ray of Hope: An Interview with Julie Innis | Heavy Feather Review Gay Degani has created another Short Fiction Short Story Links in honor of Short Story Month at Flash Fiction Chronicles. My story is listed at #50 of this great summer reading list. It’s “Ten Notes to the Guy Studying Jujitsu” and appeared at Orion headless, edited by Sara Comito: 134+ Short Story Links in Honor of Short Story Month 2012 « Flash Fiction Chronicles My poem, a nod to Simon Perchik, “They were reaching for their mother’s breath” was published in May’s  Short, Fast and Deadly. Thanks editor, Joseph Quintela! Short, Fast, and Deadly And, in case you missed it, May Flash Fiction Friday show, theme of “SURPRISE,” in which I read Scott McClanahan’s “The First Time I Made Diamonds.” Thanks, co-host, Stephanie Lecci.Lake Effect: Surprise! It’s Flash Fiction Friday! Also, the Flash Fiction Fridays book is available at Amazon and selling well. Get your copy now, and thanks everyone who has supported the show and book: Flash Fiction Fridays (9781105460937): Robert Vaughan: Books And that’s it for now! Happy Spring everyone…take a walk today. Get outdoors!]]>